Street art is usually meant to disrupt its environment and to capture our attention, but the artists on this list practice a special technique that makes their unique art even more eye-catching and playful – they tailor their art to its surroundings so that their (usually) 2D paintings seem to interact with their 3D surroundings.

It would seem to me like the most difficult part of creating works like these might be the fact that each must be created for a specific site or even temporary circumstance. You can’t just paint a stencil or some graffiti art piece wherever you find a good spot. Their ability to think of these wonderful creative ideas also speaks to these artists’ wild imaginations – where we see a vine and a brick wall or a railing, these artists see the opportunity to create an art installation that will make us think or make us smile.

There are artists who make work like this their MO. Oak Oak, Banksy, and Ernestas Zacharevičius are just a few examples of artists who regularly create awesome interactive art – interactive in the sense that it interacts directly with its environment and somewhat less directly with us, the observers.

Street artists aren’t the only ones who realize the value behind the cool artwork that interacts with its surroundings – these brilliant ambient advertisements was also designed with this goal in mind.

Have you noticed a piece of street art in your neighborhood that cleverly uses its surroundings? If so, be sure to submit it at the bottom of this post!

Face Of The City, Toronto, Canada

Image credits: fauxreel

The Legend of Giants, Białystok, Poland

Image credits: Natalia Rak

World Going Down The Drain, Spain

Image credits: pejac

Calvin & Hobbes, France

Image credits: Oak Oak

Satellite Dishes, Birmingham, UK

Image credits: Davyd Samuels

Bruce Lee, Saint Etienne, France

Image credits: Oak Oak

Sluggo On The Street

Image credits: David Zinn

UK Flags, London, UK

Image credits: banksy

Pom Pom Girl

Image credits: Sandrine Boulet

Spiderman, France

Image credits: Oak Oak


Image credits:


La Caravane Passe, France

Image credits: Oak Oak

Girl, George Town, Malaysia

Image credits: Ernest Zacharevich

Bird, Athens, Greece

Image credits:

Scream, France

Image credits: Oak Oak

Calvin & Hobbes, France

Image credits: Oak Oak


Seeder, Kaunas, Lithuania

Image credits: morfai

Lost Eye, France

Image credits: Oak Oak

Bush, London, UK

Image credits: banksy

Sideshow Bob, France

Image credits: Oak Oak

Sum Times

Image credits: Aakash Nihalani

Ostrich, Rome, Italy

Image credits: Pao

Bicycle, George Town, Malaysia

Image credits: Ernest Zacharevich

Shining, France

Image credits: Oak Oak

Hair, Fort De France, Martinique

Image credits: Nuxuno Xän

Kenny, France

Image credits: memeirl

Glasses, Russia

Image credits: P183

 The Straw

Image credits: mentalgassi