If there’s one thing skincare ad campaigns aren’t famous for, it’s honesty. A Norwegian pharmacy is doing away with all the airbrushing and editing for their latest product advertising campaign, however, and they’ve produced a poignant video that shows ‘getting older’ in a new light.

‘A Lifetime in 60 Seconds,’ a collaborative project between Vitus Apotek and ad agency T/A Pol, is a frank and unfiltered look at how our skin ages over time, and the importance of both caring for it and loving it. Women and girls from ages 0 to 100, of all colors, shapes, and sizes were filmed and arranged in chronological order in this cool ad, illustrating the many ways beauty evolves just like wisdom and character.

“We’re not doing any retouching. We’re going to let people be aging gracefully… it’s a really refreshing take on showing the human body just the way it is,” ad photographer Pål Laukli said of the project in a behind-the-scenes video.

Scroll down to see life on fast forward before your eyes in a brief minute, then let us know what you think of this advertising approach in the comments.

See all 100 years of beauty here: