Secrets... Many people have things about themselves they don't want others to know. Sometimes you might think that you have a secret, but your significant other, friend or coworker quietly knows your secret too.

Maybe you know someone is keeping something from you, that you actually already know? Share your story with us!


The first time my SO and I slept together I woke up during the night to use the bathroom. I came back in the room and she farted one of the loudest farts I've ever heard. I started laughing like crazy and she almost woke up. Almost. We've been together for seven years.

LeZygo Report

Aaron Pie 2 months ago

True love.

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My wife dropped my iPhone in a Port-A-Potty toilet. Luckily it has been so used there was a large pile of shit which gently held the phone above the liquid. She cleaned it off and gave it back to me. A year later I upgraded and gave her my old phone.
She insisted on purchasing a new cover even though I had a high-end OtterBox. I never understood why until one of the kids told on her.

IClogToilets Report

Aaron Pie 2 months ago

Sorry I can't hear you. The reception is shit.. Literally.

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At night, once I go to bed, my boyfriend binge watches Gossip girl.

cakeisgrape Report

Caitlyn McCracken 2 months ago


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Had a friend middle school who legitimately had a crush on Spongebob Squarepants.

She let me use her computer a couple of times and I snooped through her shit and found her stash of self-insert Spongebob fanfiction. Found a couple of NSFW drawings as well.

I couldn't really judge (I've had my fair share of animated crushes), but it was still bizarre experience.

TouchTheGuyBelowMe Report

Aaron Pie 2 months ago

I don't even wanna begin to imagine what was going on in the NSWF pics.

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One of my cousin had a habit of shoplifting, nothing big or expensive, but mundane and small stuff like pencils, cheap pens, stickers. Her room was full of it, once when we were in a depot I saw her sneaking few pencils in her clutch. I went up to the store manager paid for those pencils. I did this 3 times in next couple of months, until one day she was caught red-handed by one of store managers. Store manager just let her go with a warning and told me later as he knew what I did in past. It was like 15 years back and she is married now and to all of our knowledge never shoplifted after the embarrassing moment of being caught red-handed. She was my best friend, I didn't wanted to loose our friendship if I confronted her, which would very well would have ended knowing her temper.
To this date she doesn't know, that I Knew! And I hope she never will.


Yesulor Elorm 2 months ago

Now she knows

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My friend keeps a picture of Justin Bieber under her bed. I found it by mistake when we were playing some sort of hiding game with her 4 year old little sister, and i just awkwardly changed hiding spots. She had like a mini shrine to him under there, with drawings and stuff. She doesn’t know i know.


Sumaya Clark 6 days ago

now she does


My roommate didn't know I was home when he brought his girlfriend over and had very loud and very kinky sex. I remained in my room all the time, and they left. Later on when he returned I pretended I didn't hear her screaming about the five fingers stuff...


Sumaya Clark 6 days ago

what is the five finger stuff?


One time, Iwas going down stairs at midnight to get some water.
As I walked downstairs I heard the fridge open, I looked round the corner and saw my two younger brothers eating my chocolate ice cream cake that I made. The next day I asked where it was an both blamed it on each other, I let the case be. But they still to this day don’t know that I knew all along


Mikleo 2 months ago

Both told the truth...

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My friend was sleeping with a married man and she's had at least one abortion. When she got pregnant with her daughter and decided to keep it, I just went on with my act and even helped her out with clinic visits and shopping for the baby. Five years later and she still doesn't know I know. Her daughter is gorgeous.


Aaron Pie 2 months ago

You are a good friend.

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My former brother in law cheated on my sister with "escorts". The idiot paid for them with a credit card from their joint account so my sister saw the prostitute charges on their bill. He claimed to have lost his wallet and swore it wasn't him, someone had used his stolen credit card. My sister had to file a dispute on the charges with the credit card company and after looking into things, they sent her proof that her husband had been using the "services" and had signed for the charges. My sister's now ex-husband has no clue that I know he got caught cheating & paying for sex.


KJM 1 month ago

So... he was an idiot on two levels. Good riddance!


Once I saw my friend falling down some stairs once. She looked around to make sure no one saw and I hid behind a wall. After a minute I walked back around the corner where she was waiting. We chatted for a while until another girl came and asked about the loud noises she heard a while ago. My friend said she dropped her bag down the stairs. I haven't told her I saw her fall. I'm not going to lie though, it was pretty funny.



When I was little, I woke up at about midnight and went to the bathroom, on my way back to my room I saw my mother, she ran into a table with the elf on the shelf on it and knocked it over. She proceeded to set it back up and slowly back away.


Marnee DeRider 2 months ago

I don't understand?


When I was younger I hear "Hannah Montana" playing in the living room and that was my favorite show at the time so I run into the living room to find my uncle watching it by himself. He was about 17-19 around that time. He didnt know I saw. Im never going to tell him I know that he likes Hannah Montana.



A colleague of mine is an attractive young woman in her mid-20s and wants everyone to think that she's just a strong independent career woman.

But i know she plays Magic: The Gathering Online during her lunch breaks. I f*cking know your secret.

Holdin_McGroin Report

Ehren Thomsen 2 months ago

Since when is playing Magic: The Gatering online mutually exclusive with being a strong, independent career person? Or a secret?

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