Director Andy Muschietti’s version of Stephen King’s novel ‘It’ has just come to the cinemas but its screenings are petrifying people even before the film starts. When England-based It fan Chris (@HG_Hohbes) went to the movie theater to watch the horror flick, he noticed an unusual viewer in one seat.

Turns out, a spooky Pennywise wannabe had crashed the event. Fighting his jumping heart, Chris snapped a few photos of the terrifying encounter and shared them on Twitter. “I’m first in the screen and this f**king guy’s just sitting there,” the caption reads.

His post got over 291K likes and 123K retweets, receiving all kinds of reactions from others. Some were amused, most were scared, and there were a few people who even said they had the same nightmarish experience. As for Chris, don’t worry, he tweeted after the film, so he’s probably ok and not floating down some sewer.

(h/t smosh)

Some were petrified and feared Chris wouldn’t make it

But the man assured he was fine

Other people shared evidence of the same experience they had