Beloved actor Ryan Reynolds really does look like a superhero. That’s what some of us thought when his trainer Don Saladino posted never-before-seen photos of Reynolds looking buff, just like a character from superhero comic books or Dragon Ball Z.

Reynold’s trainer shared a whole bunch of fitness tips to help anyone get in shape and start looking like the actor while he was preparing for his role in Deadpool 2. In a podcast for Slate Magazine, Saladino gives a lot of attention to training, diet and rest when listing what you need to do to look like a superhero as well.

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Ryan Reynolds stunned the internet with how fit he looks when his trainer posted his pics

Image credits: donsaladino

Image credits: donsaladino

“Everyone fights the same fight. A lot of people that I’ve worked with in the past, they struggle with it. They have temptations with food or they might be tired. I think it’s just finding that switch. It’s giving them the ability to feel successful everyday,” Reynold’s trainer Saladino said on the podcast.

Discipline is learned. The trainer noted that everyone can learn to be as disciplined as the best of the best — it’s not that some people are born more disciplined than others; it’s a learned trait.

Sustainable workout plan. Saladino explained that in order to avoid burnout, it’s important to have a workout routine that you can manage to fit into your life. Consistency is key, not acting like a spasmodic Hercules.

“You’re better off going at 80 percent,” Saladino said, having in mind that it’s far better to do this than to overtrain yourself and lose motivation within just a couple of days.

Sleep well. We all know that rest is important. But Saladino highlights that it’s paramount that you get a good night’s sleep. Without it, your health can suffer.

Saladino helped Reynolds look like a superhero

Image credits: vancityreynolds

Image credits: vancityreynolds

Saladino recommends the ‘palm, fist, thumb’ method to see how much a person should eat per meal

Image credits: healthmags

Eat better. Saladino uses the so-called ‘palm, fist, thumb’ method to see how much protein, vegetables, fat, and carbs a person needs to eat for each meal. According to the trainer, losing weight is “really simple” if you eat three square meals a day and you maintain your body sugar levels.

Resistance training. Diet and sleep are all important, but training is vital as well. Saladino creates tension in muscles by doing resistance training with weights: from barbells and dumbbells to kettlebells and even sandbags.

Work out at home. What’s more, Saladino mentioned a few exercises that anyone can do at home so you can stay fit even if you can’t go to the gym. He said that duck walks are great, as is the one-arm suitcase where you take a kettlebell in one arm and walk around with it without hunching. There’s also the so-called Zottman curl which is just like your usual bicep curl, but you reverse your grip.

The actor was getting ready for his role in Deadpool 2

Image credits: vancityreynolds

Image credits: vancityreynolds

“Don’t worry about what Ryan does. Let’s focus on what we can find to allow you to be successful,” Saladino sent out a motivating message.

Reynolds, who was born in 1976, is known for his roles in many great movies, such as Van Wilder, The Proposal, Blade: Trinity, Green Lantern, Safe House and the Deadpool films. It was his role in the latter that made him get even more serious about working out.

Image credits: vancityreynolds