Eternal ‘frenemies’ Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have reignited their long-running ‘feud’ and this time, their mutual ‘hate’ (aka friendly rivalry bordering on love) for one another is going to bring a whole lot of good to the world and make it a brighter place to live in. Just in time for the Winter holidays.

Deadpool and Wolverine, or Reynolds and Jackman as they’re known off-screen, have teamed up with Sam’s Club and have started a battle to see which of the actors (and their products) the world prefers. You can cast your vote for either one of them online right here. Or you can show your support by buying Reynolds’ ‘Aviation Gin’ or Jackman’s ‘Laughing Man Coffee’ via Sam’s Club until December 20, 2020.

Before you start thinking that ‘The Feud’ is just an elaborate marketing ploy, it’s not all about selling products. Sam’s Club plans to donate an equal amount of money raised from the Reynolds Vs. Jackman online ‘battle’ to the Laughing Man Foundation and the SickKids Foundation. Meanwhile, anyone voting in the contest will get the chance to be one of five people who get to bring a guest to a virtual party with the two celebrities.

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Jackman and Reynolds have started up their ‘feud’ once again, all in the name of a good cause. Or rather two good causes!

Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider Mike Sington, one of the world’s foremost entertainment and celebrity experts and a former Senior Executive at NBCUniversal, told Bored Panda that the ‘feud between Reynolds and Jackman is so attention-grabbing because both stars are incredibly appealing and likable. “They make it obvious they are just having fun with each other, and are not being mean at all,” he explained.

“Their ‘feud,’ no matter what it’s over, is attention-grabbing because they’re two of the biggest stars using their celebrity status to have fun,” Hollywood expert Mike said. “In a world of so many real celebrity feuds, seeing Reynolds and Jackman go at it is joyful!”

I hate to break it to you, dear Pandas, but, unfortunately, Mike won’t be supporting Jackman in ‘The Feud’ like yours truly. “I’m Team Reynolds all the way! But really, how can you go wrong with either star when this current feud is being waged for charity? It’s also a brilliant way to market and sell their products. It’s a win-win for everyone!” Mike said. Can I change his and every other Reynolds-supporter’s mind? I don’t know, but I’ll certainly try!

Check out the duo’s video about ‘The Feud’ that’s happening on Sam’s Club right now until December 20

What do Reynolds and Jackman get from reigniting their eternally smoldering adoration– errr I mean utter hatred of each other’s guts? Bragging rights. They’re in this to one-up one another and shove their victory in the loser’s face.

What’s more, they get to spread some Christmas cheer by getting some extra support for the charities they deeply care about. Essentially, there aren’t going to be any losers this holiday season; but we’ll have a whole lot of winners.

Jackman’s Laughing Man Foundation supports coffee farming communities by investing in programs that ensure that farmers and their families have a clear path to health, growth, and success. If you care about where your coffee comes from and about the people who grow the beans for your morning cup of joe, you should consider supporting the foundation by casting a vote for Jackman.

Meanwhile, the SickKids Foundation aims to create a better world with healthier children. They believe that one of the most powerful ways to improve society is by fighting for the health and well-being of children. If you agree, then Reynolds is the one you want to support. Of course, one way or the other, both charities will get financial support. It all comes down to personal preference between Reynolds and Jackman.

Here’s another video showing you Reynolds and Jackman facing off each other for the sake of charity

The feud between the two actors has been going on for ages. Here’s the time that Reynolds was tricked into wearing an ugly sweater

And then there was the time that Jackman trolled Reynolds during a fake truce

Meanwhile, Reynolds hilariously narrated Jackman’s coffee commercial

“You can side with me and not only affirm Ryan is the canned cranberry sauce of human beings, but also contribute to the Laughing Man Foundation, which helps farming communities around the world,” Jackman said in the ad that Reynolds posted on his Instagram account.

“Or you could side with me, to send a message that like mistletoe, Hugh just makes things awkward. Sam’s Club will help me support efforts to provide compassionate care to sick children through the SickKids Foundation,” Reynolds struck back. Who are you planning to support, dear Pandas? Let us know below!