One of the most epic celebrity feuds has quite possibly come to an end. Actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been trolling each other on and offline since co-starring in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but recently the pair called for a truce on Twitter. In an act of goodwill, they even agreed to create ads for each other’s companies, Jackman is the creator of Laughing Man Coffee and Reynold’s venture is Aviation American Gin. However, as with these two creatives their ads both took an untraditional turn.

Former co-stars Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have called for a truce to end their ongoing feud

Promising to switch their energies from pranking to creating ads for each other’s companies

Reynolds was tasked with dreaming up a heartfelt coffee ad for Jackman’s venture, Laughing Man Coffee

Reynolds used his best narrator voice for the ad to set the perfect scene

Ryan paints Jackman as a heroic figure behind the coffee brand

and highlights how his company is focused on investing in small communities, creating jobs

with the added bonus that it tastes plain delicious

And his friend was beyond appreciative

The finished ad by Jackman definitely took Reynolds by surprise

Looks like the trolling will continue after all

People loved the ads and hoped to see the two in future projects together