Just because a piece of furniture has outlived its use in your home doesn't mean it's no longer useful! With the right attitude and a mind for DIY projects and recycling, old pieces of furniture can find a second life as beautiful garden decorations!

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Garden design is tons of fun because it lets you get very creative with materials that you might not be able to use at home, like live plants or rocks. Check out these cool ideas for pebble paths and broken pot fairy gardens, too!

#1 Piano Garden

Piano Garden

reddit Report

MelissaZeeryp 3 years ago

Beautiful! Beautiful!

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#2 Bed Garden

Bed Garden

marieetfabinou-publicoton-fr Report

IvyStockstill 3 years ago

This is fantastic. Perfect place to read and/or nap - and unlike a lawn, you wouldn't have to worry that somebody's dog peed on the patch of grass you chose to lie on!

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#3 Cello Garden

Cello Garden

unknown Report

JamesBusse 3 years ago

Quick! Someone contact Yo Yo Ma!

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#4 Dresser Garden

Dresser Garden


JulieShaw 3 years ago

I will do this with an old bureau. Beautiful..

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#6 Bed Garden

Bed Garden


CamilleAngélique 3 years ago

New meaning to the term "flower bed"

#8 Typewriter Garden

Typewriter Garden


DarleneGraves 2 years ago


#9 Tub Garden

Tub Garden

Karen Emslie Report

DawnBaxley 2 years ago


#12 Dining Table Garden

Dining Table Garden


CatieZamora 3 years ago

It reminds me of Narnia. But it was awesome! :D

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#14 Bed Garden

Bed Garden

memorabledecor.com Report

JeannieCarle 3 years ago

Wish I could give you more than one point! Glorious!