We’ve all been taught that when we don’t have anything nice to say, we shouldn't say anything at all. Some people never seem to adopt this mantra, but others appear to think about it constantly. You know the type, the extremely kind and soft spoken people who are somehow always in a good mood. Those who agree to help anyone and everyone at work and who never pick a fight with their significant other. There is nothing wrong with being gentle and sweet as much as possible, but the fact is that nobody can stay like that all the time. At one point or another, something’s going to crack…

One curious individual reached out to the Ask Reddit community and posed the question, “People who’ve seen nice people finally snap, what happened?”, and thousands of readers began sharing stories of when straws finally broke these camels' backs. Below, you can read the hilarious and shocking stories featuring people who were tired of being taken advantage of or walked all over finally standing up for themselves, and they might even inspire you to speak up about something in your personal life as well. Below, you'll also find an interview with Dr. R. Douglas Fields, neuroscientist and author of the book Why We Snap: Understanding the Rage Circuit in Your Brain, to get his insight on the topic.

Be sure to upvote the stories that stand out to you, and then let us know in the comments if you have any similar tales to share, whether it was a surprising situation you witnessed or a time you finally decided to defend yourself. Then if you’re interested in reading another Bored Panda piece featuring people standing up to their bullies, check out this story next.


30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread I take my cat to a vet who also has 100 cats living at the clinic. Some of them are just unsociable, some are blind or have other horrible handicaps, and the clinic is basically hospice care for still others. Long story short, the doctor and her staff and volunteers are all saints.

Unfortunately, word has gotten out and some people now think of the clinic as "the place where you can dump unwanted cats." Which they really can't. It's already at capacity.

Anyhow, I'm waiting there one day for a routine checkup and this Kardashian-looking woman, covered with jewelry and expensive clothes, walks in with a perfectly healthy-looking cat. She tells the woman behind the counter, "I'm leaving town, I can't take the cat, so I'm donating it to you guys." The employee explains that no, that's not a sweater in your hands and this isn't Goodwill. It doesn't work that way. Oblivious to her surroundings - there are maybe a dozen people there, between patient parents and staff - the visiting woman isn't even making an effort to talk discreetly.

After being refused, she says fine, if you don't take the cat, I'm just going to dump it on the street. She has a brief staredown with the woman behind the counter, maybe assuming that she can guilt the clinic into taking her cat, then walks away.

Another customer - a big beefy guy - who's been watching this, intercepts the woman before she can get to the door. And proceeds to say something so vivid, I wish I could repeat it verbatim but I can paraphrase it with some highlights.

"Lady, you want to dump the cat? Fine. I'm going to give you what you want. I'll take your cat."

"But the price is that I'm going to berate you in front of everyone here, you useless f*****g c**t. You're so goddamned selfish you won't even cough up 69¢ a day for a can of Friskies? F**k you, you f*****g wh**e. You don't f*****g deserve the generosity of the people who work here. You want to f*****g blackmail them into preventing a cat murder? You disgust me. If it wasn't for that gold-plated pussy dripping between your legs, I'd punch you in the orbital sockets until your eyes bleed. Now get the f**k out of my sight before I decide that it'd be worth a battery charge to do it anyway. F**k you." This was R. Lee Ermey-level s**t.

By now, the doctor herself has shown up. She doesn't know exactly what's happening, but it's gotten pretty loud. Obviously she doesn't like people swearing at other people in her waiting room, it's bad for business. The guy says to her, "Look, you're probably used to it, but I get angry when I see people who mistreat animals."

Chiliad9 , Report


To gain some perspective on this topic, we reached out to Dr. R. Douglas Fields, neuroscientist and author of multiple books, including Why We Snap: Understanding the Rage Circuit in Your Brain. First, we asked if he could briefly describe what it means to "snap". "Snapping is a rapid, automatic aggressive response triggered by specific threats, in which the outcome is inappropriate or regrettable," Dr. Fields explained. 

"We don't call it snapping if the outcome is appropriate--we call that quick thinking or heroic. The neurocircuitry for this behavior is in parts of the brain that operate without conscious control--the same regions of the brain that control other compulsive, automated behaviors like eating, drinking, sex, and emotion. This is necessary because conscious deliberation is too slow to deal with a sudden threat, and unlike our brain's unconscious threat detection circuitry that constantly crunches enormous data about our internal and external state on the lookout for danger, we have a very limited capacity to hold information in our conscious mind."


30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread This woman, “Mary” I worked with was always pleasant and cheerful, said hello in the lunchroom and was generally liked. She worked in Finance in special projects. She said she wanted to retire “in a few years” and she had been working there for 15 years.

Her boss started pressuring her to complete our annual budget report faster, but this thing is huge and comprehensive and a figurative beast. “Mary” told the boss it would be ready in a couple of weeks, per the usual schedule.

The boss said that it needed to be completed within one week to give to the higher ups. “Mary” said it wasn’t possible. Boss emailed “Mary” + Cc a bunch of coworkers and the Assistant Managers, calling “Mary” out for a poor work ethic and for making the department look bad.

“Mary” said it wasn’t possible and didn’t appreciate being bullied. She put in her notice to retire by the end of the week, leaving her boss high and dry. She was the only one who could do the budget report in a timely manner - so the Department was double f****d.

Good for her.

RemoteControlled-Cat , Ken Teegardin Report


We also were curious if anyone is capable of snapping, and according to Dr. Fields, we all are. "It is a misfire of neural circuitry that is essential to our survival," he explained. "Stress greatly increases the chances of snapping. This is because stress is simply the emotion that conveys to our conscious awareness that we are in a threatening situation for some reason. As in all defense mechanisms, the brain's threat detection mechanism goes on high alert at times of perceived increased threat. That lowers the threshold for triggering the aggressive response and increases the probability of misfires."

So can snapping be useful or beneficial at times? "We have this neural circuitry because, unfortunately, aggression is sometimes necessary for survival," Dr. Fields told Bored Panda. "We need it to protect ourselves and our loved ones, and, as carnivores, to obtain food. This is the same neural circuitry and same rapid aggressive response that drives heroism. Often someone will come to the defense of someone else, responding instantly and aggressively, and afterward they always say the same thing. 'I didn't think, I just responded'."


30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread One of my friends, she is the nicest person ever. She's that kind of person who knows when you're upset and what she can do to help. She's super respectful and never argues with anyone. If she has opposing ideas, she'll talk it out.

One day we were doing a 1 mile run for PE. She's really unathletic so she finished it in around 11 minutes. No one really cared except for this one track athlete. He started mocking her and laughing. She was visibly pissed, she'd been having a bad day and she couldn't deal with more.

"Don't be rude, not everyone is good at everything," was all she said as she took a step closer to him.

"What are you going to do?" He said, mocking her British accent. At this point she was riled up because he had done this multiple times before and she'd deal with him properly every single time. But he just wouldn't listen.

"I'll do this."

She punched him.

Right in the nose.

Blood started pouring out of his nose and he rushed to the nurse. She was suspended for a day. The principal was generous to her because he knew how much of a d**k this guy could be. She never apologized, and that dude is now legit scared of her.

fredkneebone , Alex McCarthy Report

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Good sounded like he deserved it. Sometimes you can't take it anymore

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When it comes to controlling our potential to snap, Dr. Fields says that, "The key ... is to understand how this behavior is controlled by the brain. Contrary to what one might think from reading news accounts in which people seem to snap over almost anything, aggression is highly controlled by the brain. This is because aggression risks life and limb. Therefore, only very specific situations (triggers) will cause a person to snap. I describe the nine LIFEMORTS triggers in my book, and new research shows that different neural circuits control each of the different triggers, all of which feed into the brain's hypothalamic attack region that launches an aggressive response."

If you'd like to learn more from Dr. Fields about snapping, be sure to check out Why We Snap right here.


30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread When I was in high school, my group of like 6 friends were sitting at a round table in the cafeteria for breakfast. A table over, some girls had been tossing small chunks of their food in our direction. My one friend (M) wore her hair in an unusual, spiked up style & I guess the girls at the table were trying land food in her hair while cackling to themselves.

Cue my quiet, sweet, introverted friend (K) getting so angry I swear steam was coming out of her ears. One of the girls had thrown a decent sized piece of her egg patty at us & it landed on the floor near K’s foot. K proceeded to step on the egg patty, pick it up off the ground, walk over to the table of bullies, and shove the egg DIRECTLY INTO THE MOUTH OF THE ONE WHO HAD THROWN IT!

This was such an amazing moment in my high school memory. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as K was the last person I would’ve expected to do that. Of course she did get in trouble but she didn’t regret it one bit.

armadillowillow , Images Alight Report


In theory, we all love a nice, kind, agreeable person. Nobody likes drama, and we all want to surround ourselves with people who we don’t need to tiptoe around. It is great to work with or be friends with individuals who don’t make us feel judged and who are willing to go along with anything. Want to get Mexican food for dinner? Great! Want to see a horror movie tonight? Let’s do it! Does this shirt look good on me? I’m only asking you because I know you’ll say yes!

The unfortunate thing about docile individuals is that they can often be taken advantage of. People who are more selfish and less kind might view their being nice as a weakness. If a toxic boss or romantic partner realizes they can walk all over an employee or their significant other, it can snowball into dangerous territory. And eventually, after exercising immense patience and understanding, these nice people are bound to snap. 


30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread It was in army cadets, we had an instructor who had a stroke, or something like that, he was physically healthy but almost completely mute and used a type to talk pad.

Anyway the cadets would often ignore the talk pad because it wasn't very loud and well teenagers are d***s.

Until one day he got pushed to far and absolutely screamed "SHUT THE F**K UP!".

Everyone went silent, the guy himself looked utterly shocked, so did the other instructor and no one said another word that day without being asked.

This dude got so angry he temporarily overcame his severe brain injury just to make us be quiet.

MileysMooseKnuckle , Stuart Grout Report


It can be empowering or inspiring to see nice people finally snap, when they have been dealing with being taken advantage of or been bullied for a long time before. It can also be shocking and entertaining, though. When an individual is always loud and opinionated, we might expect them to get into arguments or find themselves wrapped up in drama. But when the quietest person in the room finally screams, “Would everyone just SHUT UP?!”, you might be able to hear a pin drop.

Why do people snap in the first place, though? We are all familiar with the idea that we should not bottle up our emotions and that we should let them flow freely, but that can be a bit more difficult in practice. We can’t always make it clear to our employers that they have frustrated us because we need our jobs to afford our living expenses. Sometimes, it is not worth it to blow up at our significant other or a family member because we love them and don’t want to hurt their feelings. What starts as concealing one emotion out of fear of confrontation can lead to a mountain of feelings piling up inside of us. And we can never predict what will cause the volcano to finally erupt.


30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread So this story is from the time I was in high school. 2 years ago to be exact.

Our group had this guy (we'll call him N) he was pretty popular and every one liked him.

He was the perfect blend of Jock and Nerd

* You want to break up a fight? *you call N*.
* You want someone to play the piano for your musical? *you call N*.
* You want help with mathematics or physics? *you call N*.
* You want a midfielder for the football(soccer) team? y*ou call N*.
* You want to talk to someone? ***you call N!***

So we were in the mess when a guy (let's call him A) started teasing our friend (P) because how fat and ugly she was. A and his friends were laughing passing comments all around. N told P to "ignore the bs". Then A and his friends started throwing paper bits and food at us, N told A to quit it. A didn't listen and told P that her father left because he could't stand how ugly she was.

This was pretty much the last straw.

N got up grabbed A and threw him against the wall, like a bag. A's friends got up and N punched both of them in the face and one of them ended up with a bloody nose. N went back A and laid it to him at least 10 to the face. It was at this time that me and my friends could separate them.

A ended up with a 1 week suspension and two broken teeth.

N also got a 1 week suspension but his mother told us she is proud of him when she invited all of us for dinner. She even told P that she will be going to the school with P's mom to talk to the principal about this matter.

All in all N and his family are the most wholesome people I've ever met.

CHOGO_CHOGO , Zhivko Minkov Report

Contrary to what you may believe, staying positive all the time can actually negatively affect our health. It is great to be optimistic, and falling too far on the opposite end of the spectrum can be detrimental as well, if we get caught up in negativity and dwell on the downsides. But bottling up our emotions is a dangerous game. According to a study from the Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Rochester, people who try to hold their emotions inside increase their risk of premature death by over 30% and increase their risk of developing cancer by 70%. Positivity can be powerful, but only when it is not causing us turmoil on the inside and leading us to be dishonest with those around us. 

“Suppressing your emotions, whether it’s anger, sadness, grief or frustration, can lead to physical stress on your body,” clinical psychologist Victoria Tarratt told The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia. “The effect is the same, even if the core emotion differs.”


30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread I was that kid. I moved to a new school in the 3rd grade, and while I was never one to be mean, I was extra nice to try and make friends. I was a tiny kid and grew a lot later than most. There was this one pretty popular girl who was what you'd consider larger than average for a 3rd grader, she looked more like a 5th grader. We'll call her Ashley.

Ashley took it upon herself to treat me like a doll, if that makes sense. She'd pick me up, throw me around, play with my hair, draw on my hands and arms in class, and I absolutely hated when she did this, but I just kind of put up with it because I didn't want to make her mad. This went on for a couple of months, until one day I just really wasn't feeling it. I was sick, but went to school anyway. We were in PE, and she started messing with me, trying to pick me up. I started crying, telling her not to, that I was sick and I didn't want her to touch me. She didn't listen and picked me up, squeezing my stomach.

I threw up directly onto her face and chest. She stopped messing with me after that.

2spooky4u_xoxo , Courtney Stephens Report


30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread Freshman and sophomore year the same kid gave me s**t at the bus stop and the whole walk home. Every single day, nonstop harassment, just kept needling me constantly. So many people asked me why I took it, but I was just really shy and passive at that age, I stayed quiet and didn’t react.

One day the kid tried to push me into some bushes thinking it’d be funny, he’d never gotten physical before. I grabbed his wrist and put him on his a*s. He went down on his back and when he tried to get up I put the past two years into a single punch that put him right back down. Next day in school kid had the darkest black eye I’d ever seen, he wasn’t at the stop for the next few days and when he started taking it again he never said another word.

I shocked a bunch of people, but turns out lots of other kids hated this guy and were jealous I gave him what he had coming. It did a lot of good for me and the positive reaction kind of helped me come out of my shell. 10/10 would punch again.

umassmza , Mikhail Nilov Report


30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread In middle school, my six foot two gentle giant friend who is literally the nicest guy you'd ever meet got teased about his mom by some short popular kid. My friend no hesitation picked him up by his shirt and slammed him against the locker at eye level and said, "Never talk about my mom like that." One of my favorite memories of him.

shadowhq93 , Kiên Nguyễn Report

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this is me (4'11) with every bully i've ever had-it's hard to realize that I have 7 years of Taekwondo experience and a tongue like a whip.

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In fact, one study from the University of Texas at Austin found that by denying ourselves from experiencing certain emotions, we are only making the feelings stronger. If you don’t tell your partner that it is a pet peeve of yours when they leave the toilet seat up, it is just going to frustrate you more and more over time, and eventually you might scream at them about it. When in reality, they could have stopped doing it months ago, had they been informed that it was an issue for you. Bottling things up can lead to our emotions about one topic coming out in another situation as well. If you partner starts crying when they could not order what they wanted at dinner because the restaurant ran out of shrimp, chances are, that is not what they are actually upset about. Our emotions are sneaky and they will always find a way out, one way or another.    


30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread Older brothers wedding. He's a very nice guy, almost too nice. He had a horrible girlfriend. He adored her though. She told him that he wasn't good enough and that she would break up with him unless he bought her this super fancy ring and married her. He did. He wedding was very stressful, and she was extra nasty. After they cut the cake, she got herself a huge slice and left him with none, telling him he should go on a diet. ( For context, he was underweight. He was working his way up to average. ) He snapped. Threw a handful of cake at her pretty dress and hair, then told her to expect divore papers to sign. He proceeded to scream, cry, and rant about how horrible she was and how she made him suicidal.

He's better now. They split up and live in different continents.

(Sorry for bad grammer and typos, I'm on mobile.)
( Also sorry for flaws in the story, this was quite a while ago. )

Maple-Lady , Scott Webb Report


30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread She was an assistant manager and was known for being soft spoken.

At a manager meeting one of the General managers (who was known for being a total jackass to everyone) was going off on how every store should be run. Well, she snapped.
“You have the highest turnover rate out of any store in the district! You can’t keep employees for more than 6 months before they just quit all saying you were the problem. Maybe you should take that “advice” you’re giving us and use it on yourself.”

Edit: WOW! I didn’t expect this to blow up and thank you so much for the silver! So for anyone who’s invested in what happened next. She put in her two weeks not even 3 days later. The manager who she yelled at was transferred to a different location out of that district. The store he managed has since bounced back and has been doing very well.

PryzeTheBest , Campaign Creators Report


30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread I'm a journalist and as in every daily newspaper, the office is one constant noisy brawl, papers flying about, editors yelling at each other, chief editors yelling at editors etc etc. So in comes Steve. Steve is a god-driven dude, really quiet and introvert, he's been working as a page designer for over a decade, he never swears, he never shouts, he never even shows a sign of discomfort.
Anyhoo on a very stressful day, with half an hour to go until print and half our systems non-operational, there are approximately 7 people over Steve telling him what to do simultaneously, including the editor in chief and the chief executive of the journal. Around them there are about 40 more people preparing for next day's edition, with all the yelling and shouting I mentioned before.

Steve stops. Steve kindly removes his glasses. Steve pushes slowly his keyboard out of the way and climbs on the desk. Steve releases a primeval cry to get everyone's attention and goes:

Noone talked after that, noone laughed at Steve, and a few people even forgot to breathe for a few seconds from the shock.

We've called him Bad M**********r Steve ever since, even got him the same wallet as Sam L. Jackson has in Pulp Fiction.

ComprehensiveMelon , Usman Yousaf Report

If concealing emotions is a habit for you, it can be hard to even recognize when you’re doing it. For many years, I cried about once a year maximum. But when I finally did, it was like the floodgates had been opened. I could not stop, and I did not know how to catch my breath or calm myself down. Clearly, that was not healthy, but I had a hard time expressing myself and many situations that we’re “supposed to cry in” didn’t bring one tear to my eyes. Now, however, thanks to the magic of therapy, my eyes can barely go two weeks without releasing some tears. But it can be brief and refreshing, and they aren’t always tears of sadness either. And you know what? It feels pretty great to let my emotions flow. Thankfully, I never snapped to the point of deserving a spot on this list, but I could see myself getting to that point in several years if I had not made an effort to get in touch with my emotions.


I have a friend, W. Super sweet, kinda small, and she's pretty soft-spoken. Never curses beyond the occasional "s**t" and "damn". For context, she's Christian and I'm LGBT+. Never been an issue in our ten years of being friends.

Her (now ex) was being an a*s about the Bible and how he interprets it. He claims his way is fact, that "it's right there in black and white". Oh, and he also told her to "not let [Wingnut] tell [her] anything about being LGBT, [their] lifestyle is wrong, it's in the Bible".

I was watching this interaction go down, and I took his punches on the chin (I was rather angry and am usually somewhat confrontational, but willing to keep the peace for W's sake).

W hates being told she's wrong. But she was willing to let that go, too. But the second he insulted me, I saw her get that look in her eye. She looked him square in the face and said, "Say what you want about my opinions. Everyone has different ones." She stands up, now taller than his still-sitting self, "But insult my friends, and that's it. We're done, m**********r."

So proud of my bb that day!

WingnutThePious Report


30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread My story is about me and a substitute teacher I had for Spanish in 8th grade. I am a nice guy and at the time decently shy. Not popular, but athletic an known by enough people. Anytime someone messed with me I just brushed it off and never really said anything.

The first exception to this was when my normal Spanish teacher was out on maternity leave for about 7 weeks. The substitute had had to ask me to stop talking at the beginning at class one day and had labeled me as the problem child. This was a new for me since all of my previous teachers liked me and I did really well in class. Over the next few weeks she would call me on the smallest of infractions, or ones I had not done. Looking back, I guess she was using me as an example of power.

The straw that broke the camel's back happened in week 4. My friends and I were a few minutes early to class, as usual, and we were talking. I saw the teacher get up from her desk and I knew class was starting so I stopped talking. I had been quiet for close to 20 seconds and she yells at me to stop talking. I was done with this s**t. I stood up and said something like, "When was I talking? I stopped talking when you got up from the desk and had been silent for atleast 20 seconds. Can you explain to me what I did wrong just now? I will not be yelled at for things I have not done!" After that I sat down and she just started class.

From then on I was her favorite student. That was the only time I yelled at a teacher. It was worth it.

ColonelRyzen , Max Fischer Report

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Sub teachers are 95 percent of the time strange creatures that live under rocks

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(For obvious reasons I won’t state the school nor the bully)

Wasn’t a friend but it was me.

In high school we had a program for mentally challenged kids and ranged from a multitude of different disabilities.

One day I was with my friends during lunch and we saw a big circle of kids. We were curious and we walked up to see what was going on. Only to see that this piece of s**t was shoving and making fun a disabled kid.

You could tell that he was scared and confused at what was happening. Nobody stepped in to help. Everyone just watched. Before I could do anything tho the supervisors came and broke it all up but I was still pissed.

I found that kid after school and asked him why he thought that was funny. He was with his friends and he tried to be tough saying “it was just a joke and he was just messing around”

I instantly snapped and beat the ever living s**t out of him in front of his friends. They tried to stop me but I was already too pissed.

After I finished I looked at all his friends and asked who else wanted to go a round with me.

They didn’t say s**t and just walked away with their friend.

Who in their right mind thinks it’s ok to bully and pick on a mentally disabled kid.
Seriously. Go f**k yourself.

jaceycan Report

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That school was an awful school them kids should really got some big charges on them and got in big trouble. That is awful.

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Part of the reason why it can be so hard to just allow ourselves to feel emotions is because of the idea of “toxic positivity”. This is the pressure that many of us feel from society to never have a bad day. If someone asks you how you’re doing, they expect you to respond, “Great, thanks!” Your boss always wants to see you smile, and expressing negative emotions can make others uncomfortable. On Instagram, you will only see a highlight reel of everyone else’s lives, and it is rare to hear people openly discussing issues in their personal lives. I urge you to fight the urge to get caught up in the cycle of toxic positivity. You don't need to go posting crying selfies online or share the details of your divorce on Facebook, but challenge yourself to just be honest with others. "To tell you the truth, it's been a really hard day." It might feel a lot better than forcing a smile or fighting back tears to save face.  


30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread There's this one friend that I've known pretty much all my life. She tries to be kind to everyone even when the other person is being a prick. During high school, in English class this was this one guy named matt that would bully her for being Asian. He'd make strange gibberish sounds at her mimicking Chinese, but very badly might I add. Though this may seem not that bad to others I could tell it definitely bothered her. I actually think it's pretty strange too. She's never even spoken a lick of Chinese anytime in the class yet Matt kept teasing her.

Anyways, I digress, one day while we were there in class she came in before the bell like always. I noticed she looked a bit annoyed already. The teacher hasn't started her lesson yet so my friend starts to talk to me and that's when Matt decides to bother her again. Once she started to talk, Matt goes "ah fweh? Eh Bleh gwah?" She stops talking, pauses for a second then turns to him. At that moment I knew something was going to happen. She got up from her chair and walked over to him. I don't remember exactly what she said but this is the closest to what she said. "Hey, Matt? Did you have a stroke or something?“ "No i-" "Cause it seems like you have a stroke every time you talk to me. Maybe it's because you're so f*****g dumb that your brain just shuts down. Either ways I'm so f*****g done with your b******t, Matt. Unless you're actually having a mother f*****g stroke I don't want to hear ANOTHER one of those sounds. You're not funny! No one thinks you're funny! If you think being f*****g racist is f*****g funny then maybe you did actually have a stroke! F*****G STOP IT! I AM SO DONE WITH YOU AND YOUR F*****G NOISES! JUST STOP BEING SUCH A B***H AND SHUT THE F**K UP! GOT IT?!"

By the end of that sentence, Matt has recoiled in his chair while my friend was standing there, panting from her outrage. In the background I can hear one of our other friends laughing, but not at her. "Holy s**t! That's the first time I've heard you curse! Goddamn she told you off Matt!" After that she huffed and sat back down. Surprisingly the teacher didn't notice because she didn't say anything. Or she did notice but watched it unfurl.

TL;DR- usually nice girl snaps and curses out a guy that's been racist to her.

excusemeumwhat , Andrea Piacquadio Report

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30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread My brother was a sweet kid (emphasis on sweet) in elementary school. This was early 2000s he was probably 8? At the time. Anyway he did wresting and baseball to pass time but generally was a pretty average kid. He was smart and had a good amount of friends from the sports he played. Nothing special.

Though there was one kid who bullied him a lot. For no reason really. The bully’s name was Garrett but they would call my brother names and hide pencils/pens to get him yelled at in class. Well one day Garrett for some odd reason decided to literally slap my brother in the face with a school lunch. Like a piece of pizza or something. Chicken fried steak maybe? My brother got up, picked him up by his shirt and slammed him to the floor, proceeding to break the kids nose and maxillae (upper jaw below the nose). After that everyone called him Garrett the Ferret because he had to have his mouth wired shut.

Fast forward a few years and I was being bullied and garrett actually stood up for me. I don’t know if he got his s**t together or was just afraid of someone bullying me knowing how my bother handles things.

sabb**ch , Oleksandr Pidvalnyi Report

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Well that’s great that garret realized his mistakes. The bully became the bullied and then the protector of the bullied.

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30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread One of my middle school friends, whom we’ll call Bob, was about a half foot shorter than everyone else. Everyone was around 5ft. He was an interesting (in a good way) dude. Interested in learning, played video games, was great to hang out with. But he looked scrawny. Didn’t look like he could hurt anything if I’m being honest. For some context to the story, our gym teacher was an a*****e. Gave nicknames, some good, some bad- to everyone. He was always sarcastic. Always berating everyone, speaking down to us instead of encouraging them.

One day the gym teacher says something about Bob’s mom. Which Bobs mom had fibromyalgia and some other conditions making her weak and unhealthy not by choice. And something In Bob snapped. Bob completely took down this 6.5ft monster gym teacher. Gym teacher looked like he stood no chance at that time. They were quickly pulled apart and Bob got expelled and had to move school while the Gym teacher was fired for fighting a student and being an overall a*****e.

Edit: aww my first silver, thank you!

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He should not have been a teacher in the first place an I'd say he shouldn't be abel to teach anyway that is disgusting behavior for a grown up let alone a teacher. That was a bad school.

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Toxic positivity is also present when people dismiss or brush off the emotions of others. If a friend recently lost a loved one, let them cry and mourn in whatever way is useful for them. Don’t try to tell them that “everything happens for a reason” or to “look at the bright side”. We often hear toxic positivity in the form of “things could be worse” or “other people have it much harder than you do”. Let’s not compare our struggles, and instead, let’s be compassionate and allow others to express their emotions. When we are constantly expected to be joyful and deny ourselves any negative emotions, it’s no wonder that kind people avoid speaking up for themselves. It does not feel great to have your feelings shoved under the rug, whether it's by yourself or someone else you attempt to confide in.     


A girl back in school was performing a piece in music class, singing whilst playing the piano and the douchebag of the class known for being loud and being a bit of a bully starts making quiet snide comments about her singing . So he insults her to his friend, she continues singing, he whispers something else and chuckles, she continues singing, he starts muttering something else and pointing at her she suddenly breaks off marches over to a spare chair and LAUNCHES IT right at his face then sits back down at the piano . Solid silence . The teacher takes her outside and then sends her to the principal . I ask her afterwards what the principal said she said she never went - the teacher told her to go on early lunch to the cafeteria . Apparently the teacher had said “I’m glad you did that because if you hadn’t I would off” :’)

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30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread Back in 5th grade, I was super lucky to have the elementary school’s favorite teacher. Every single student loved her.

My class was always super loud and annoying. We were working on some assignment before PE, and everyone was passing her off. She was only allowing students to go out if they finished the assignment. My slow a*s was unfortunately one of the last kids in the room. This one student, who was a godawful and annoying sh*tbag kid, was being way over the top.

My teacher got up, put her hands over her ears and just started screaming “SHUT THE F**K UP! JUST SHUT UP. SHUT UP. SHUT UP.” And she just stomped out of the room still screaming with her hands covering her ears. All of us just sat there in horror. Couple of kids just left to go to PE, and I sat there just trying to finish the assignment.

Our principal came into the room a few minutes later just telling the rest of us to go out to PE, but she made the sh*tbag kid stay in the room with her. He was moved into the other 5th grade teachers room after this.

She was completely normal and fine after coming back. And there was nothing else that went wrong for the rest of year. Just worked her a*s off and made all of us love her by her caring soul and all of that fun stuff. But that moment completely traumatized me.

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This is a story of myself. I've been a pretty normal and tame dude my whole life. I'm very diplomatic and I'm definitely not the fighting type.

Our story begins with my parents forcing 15 year old me to go to a Summer Church Camp for a week. Hadn't really been fond of religion my whole life, so this already had me on edge. I go to the camp and for the most part, things aren't awful. For context in the next part, I'm an old man at heart; I go to bed early, wake up early, and enjoy peace and quiet. I had just learned that all kids had to stay up til midnight at some camp party thing every night, so I was already pretty bummed about that. After sitting in the corner for a few hours trying to make everyone disappear in my mind, the party finally ends and we all get sent back to out cabins.

Here's where the s**t hits the fan. After doing my nightly hygiene rituals, I climb into my bunk and I believe it's lights out. 30 minutes go by and kids are still chatting. I ask everyone to please either take the conversation outside or be quiet as I'm incredibly tired, as a diplomat would do. 30 minutes later, two kids still talking rather loud. I ask once more. Another 30 minutes go by and they're still laughing, joking, and ruining my sleep. I finally outburst with "I ALREADY DONT WANT TO F*****G BE AT THIS JESUS SH*TCAMP, CAN YOU SHUT YOUR GODDAMN MOUTH" and then it's quiet for another 30 minutes. Laughing picks back up again and I leap from the top of my bunk to the laughing kids bunk across from me and just start f*****g going ape s**t with my fists until the camp councillor barges in and I get sent home.

Zero f*****g regrets.

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Camp counselor here; making kids stay up till midnight is f*****g insane (our 15 year olds go to bed at 10:30). Also, don’t send your kids to a camp they really don’t want to go to. They’re miserable.

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Thankfully, there are several methods we can use to learn how to properly express our feelings. One way to get in touch with our emotions is to practice mindfulness. It is surprisingly easy to have no idea how we are actually feeling when we don’t take the time to think about it. You can ask yourself how you are doing through journaling, meditation or by simply doing daily check-ins. Therapy is also a great way to learn how to put words to your feelings, and having someone to confide in can be a great first step into working through your complex emotions.  


I snapped when a co-worker accused me of training her improperly and then purposely getting her in trouble for the things she claimed I told her... she kept a journal of daily things I told her to do and then yelled at her for. Our boss boss was confused but believing her - I mean she kept a journal right? Until I pointed out I wasn’t at work on a number of days she had written I did something.... oooooops. I went off on co-worker big time for trying to ruin my career... later the boss and my other coworkers were like wow you’re always so sweet... yeah until someone accuses me of bogus b******t

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That coworker was a jerk. Thank goodness she messed up writing in the journal!

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I am one of them. It was when I was still in highschool, some guy behind me was constantly kicking my chair for a few hours. Asked him five times to stop and also tried the "they get bored if you ignore them" tactic. I was wrong. Suddenly I snapped picked up the guy (I was tall but my arm muscles are basically non existent). The window was open and we were on the ground floor. I basically thrown him out the window during class. He fell about 1.5 meters in prickly bushes and I sat again calmly to pay attention again.

My teacher asked what happened and I said he was annoying me. Never got punished because "if ILoveToiletpaper did that the guy definitely deserved it"

It wasn't something I thought of doing, back then I thought I wouldn't physically be able to.

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30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread A long time ago, I used to do call center tech support for fairly complex issues. A really nice, quiet guy went through the same training class. He talked if you talked to him, but never went out of his way to chat.

Right after training, the call center changes a ton of stuff - we start getting squeezed on the amount of time we can do documentation, how much research time we have, just metrics in general. It was utter b******t, because the favorites got to go on smoke breaks as often as they wanted with the managers. We'd essentially be punished for that because we had to keep the *average* numbers in a certain area. He did all the right things. Talked to his manager, talked to their manager, then to HR. It kept getting worse, plus enforced overtime. Then he got a super long call (he was on it at least two hours) about a complex issue, and the customer was just straight up abusing him but he had to take it because the managers wouldn't give permission for him to hang up. And they were basically screaming at him to resolve this issue and get to his next call, but we couldn't end calls, the customer had to.

One day he just stood up, stepped onto his chair, then onto his desk, threw his headset on the desk and sort of growled something like "f**k this," quietly. He looked around, staring people in the face, especially the people who took those long breaks and the managers.

Then he walked out and no one ever saw him again. Everyone was super quiet and afraid to move or say much of anything.

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It is also important to start being honest with yourself and others about how you feel. Once you have gotten a hang of mindfulness and you know how to properly articulate your emotions, it’s time to start sharing them with others. This can be scary at first, especially when your friends or family members might not be used to you bringing up any conflicts or issues, but it will feel like a huge weight off your chest. You can prepare what you’d like to say ahead of time and write it down if the idea of confrontation makes you nervous, but I promise, it will be worth it to start being truthful. It is never worth the stress to conceal your emotions.   


30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread I consider myself a nice friendly guy, and I'm pretty quiet. So I was dating this girl and it turned out my friends, who I consider even friendlier then I, bf dated this person as well, and my friend told me that she was a really toxic person. It didn't bother me too much, as I'm one of those people that don't want too judge people based off of others opinions. But about a month or two into the relationship, I started to see what my friend was talking about. So, a few days later I broke up with her. In the following days she started s**t talking me and started spreading rumors about me and my friend. My friends bf heard these rumors and broke up with her. So we were both pretty pissed about the situation. Three days later, my friend caught her ex kissing my ex and confronted them. She was relatively chill about it, its not like he was really cheating, but it hurt either way. She was about to leave, but my ex said "it probably hurts you more to know I was doing him while you were dating." My friend slowly turns around and asks her to repeat herself. My ex happily obliged. Worst mistake of her life. My friend jumped on to her and started beating the s**t out of her, even ripping out some of her hair. When she was done with her, she went up to her ex and said "you want to cheat on me, that's fine. But you can get your s**t beat with her" slapped him and kicked him in the nuts. We still talk about this today.


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can someone explain this to me, it’s so confusing 😭😭 i wish op used names

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30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread My freshman science teacher was a super nice and funny older man. One day someone messed up a lab he spent a long time planning and the dude absolutely lost it. He was throwing stuff, breaking stuff, tearing stuff off the walls, etc.

He was fine the next day and never did that again. It was like it never happened.

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30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread To make a long story very short, I went to a middle school that was very conspicuously gerrymandered in the sense that around 60% of the school district were from upper middle class neighborhoods, with the remaining 40% residing in a backdrop from a 90's John Singleton film. That being said, it was an interesting mix of students and always a great laugh.

My 8th grade year I decided to take Spanish as a foreign language, and while I was serious about picking up as much of it as I could the other half of the class spent most of our class periods roasting each other, beat-boxing, and generally creating an atmosphere of chaos and good-humor.

Enter my Spanish teacher, she was at most twenty-three, beautiful, sweet, and very naive. From the moment she walked into the class, she expected that she were there to change lives, a task who's impossibility would quickly become apparent.

As time went on and the chaos in the classroom became increasingly apparent, one day she literally just snapped. She walked over to the corner where some of my class-mates were playing dice (literally gambling in the middle of class), threw their cardboard and dice across the room and just exploded, I've never seen anything like it, she went from sweet and soft-spoken to screaming at the top of her lungs and completely losing it. In a single class period she suspended 9 students, threatened suspensions for anyone who as much as said a single word for the rest of the year, and even flagged down some security guards to tear some of the more intense problem students away from their desks. Around a week later, she disappeared and was never seen at school again.

tl;dr: Teacher was a kind and gentle soul, went hulk-mode, lost her s**t, and was never heard from again.

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Humans are capable of experiencing a complex range of emotions, and we are meant to embrace them all. And although it can make for a funny story when nice people finally snap, it is sad that they felt the need to ever mask their emotions in the first place. Keep upvoting the stories that you find most interesting or shocking, and then let us know in the comments if you have any similar anecdotes to share. Remember to let those emotions flow freely, and if you need to blow off some steam, I recommend finding a healthy outlet like working out or screaming into a pillow. 


I do research at a university in Virginia under the PI, otherwise known as, the boss lady. This lab is a cardiac MRI lab and we are encouraged to ask lots of questions and make sure we ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND what we are doing, so we do it correctly.

We work on over 30 patients, so you mess up one, you will most likely mess up all and that could mean a months worth of work.

Now talking about the boss lady.....wonderful, knowledgeable, patient, and kind woman. Never once had a bad experience with her. I do what she wants, she treats me well.

Well, she hired a new person in our lab and let's say she doesn't understand how important it is to do it correctly the first time but keeps knodding her head when asked if she knows what to do. Not even a question asked.

Fast forward 2 months, the research is about to be submitted to NIH and etc., so this is a very important time. New hire gives the spreadsheet data to the boss lady and all stats are wrong. Messed up for sure, a mistake definitely happened somewhere. This stats took 2 months to retrieve.

The look on the PI's face was priceless. She looked at the new hire and back at the stats. You could tell she was trying her hardest not to be angry, but she was picking out everything that was wrong. I have never seen her behave this way and it absolutely scared the s**t out of me. She was trying so hard to control her tone, but her anger was showing through.

Well, now, I haven't seen the new hire in a few weeks and I think I know what happeneddd.

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30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread Was in Boy Scouts a few years back at summer camp. There was a Scout in my troop who was basically a giant teddy bear. Him and his whole family are the nicest, sweetest people you will ever meet. We’ll call him James. Anyways, there was this a*****e kid who loved to f**k with everyone’s s**t. We’ll call him Chad. One of the days during summer camp, James made a boat out of wood. He brought it back to our campsite after the day was over. He was sitting with Chad and some other scouts, including myself. Chad began to mess with James, asking to see his boat. James allowed him to see it. Chad demanded to hold the boat, and James said no. Chad began messing with James even more, trying to snatch the boat from him. Then Chad managed to grab the boat. James grabs him by the waist, picks him up, and sends him f*****g crashing into the table. James began to cry while smiling. We basically bullied Chad out of the troop after that. It was glorious.


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And you are Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts would not have let it get to this point. They would have stopped it when Chad first started being an a*****e. Boy Scouts are not supposed let junk like this escalate to the level you talk about.

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30 Times Nice People Were Pushed Too Far And Completely Lost It, As Shared In This Viral Thread My extremely docile sister punched me in the face because I kept calling her a dingus. She's never done anything violent in her entire life.

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My sister has always been a bully to me and it's awful having a sibling like that because you can't ever escape it. I used to run away a lot and my parents always asked what they did to make me run and it was always the same answer "you watch my sister torment me and never step in, would you want to stay somewhere like that".

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