I'm a film blogger living in Warsaw, Poland. I found a pic on Twitter where a user nicknamed dilsexia posted a picture of Pooh attacking Chris , and then signed it "The Revenant".

The idea was so funny, that I made posters with Winnie the Pooh for almost all of this years Oscar-nominated movies.

More info: sfilmowani.tv

#1 The Revenant

The Revenant


MonsterOnFire 2 years ago

And the Oscar goes to Winnie! Haha couldn't help it :)

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#2 The Martian

The Martian


RenardBansale 2 years ago

Because Rabbit cares about his garden and Mark Watney is a botanist.

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#8 Room



CallieGiffin 2 years ago

laughing so hard. Cant look at Kanga and Roo the same now though

#10 The Big Short

The Big Short


MadJury 2 years ago

I laugh so hard thanks x this little jewels :3

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