7 years ago, I received a little replica of an iconic Volkswagen minivan from my parents and it was love at first sight for the young 60's obsessed teenager I was. It stood on my shelf for quite some years, but on a sunny Sunday of May, I took it out to the garden and took pictures of it. I shared an image of that van with a Paddington bear, and the feedback on Instagram was really positive, so now, for the last 5 years, I continued taking that minivan and a lot of new cars everywhere I would travel.

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This made me catch the Wanderlust bug. I can never stay in one place, I adventure all around my homeland Switzerland and Europe whenever I could for the last 5 years. The pictures of the cars became my little escape, nothing was quite comparable to the feeling I got (and still get) when I get the shot I want.

Each little car has got its own personality and face, and they're all unique characters. The process of creating these images is a sort of self-therapy for me, enabling me to enter my bubble and forget everything around that worries me, I just fall back into that innocence of childhood and everything is so easy. I love to play with water especially, reflections, out of focus areas.

It’s the moment and the emotion I want to share with everyone. So when people tell me that my pictures made them happy too, there's no better feedback for me.

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#1 Lavender Delivery In Hitchin

Lavender Delivery In Hitchin


Quỳnh Nguyễn 2 years ago

It looks peacful very much!

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#4 The Long Windy Road

The Long Windy Road


Ann Davison 2 years ago

Love it!

#5 Jurassic Coast

Jurassic Coast


Lou Wow 2 years ago

This needs a dinosaur for good measure.

#12 London Calling

London Calling


Kathleen Jones 2 years ago

Love London!

#15 An Irish Puddle

An Irish Puddle


Edith Tschiemer 2 years ago

Ahaha !

#16 Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters


Sharon Anderson 2 years ago

A bit odd to see a surfboard on top, but then this car travels far, eh?

#18 Lost In Colombia

Lost In Colombia


Lou Wow 2 years ago

Looks like it washed up on the beach!

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#19 Riding The Shore In Camogli

Riding The Shore In Camogli


Nadya Mafaridik 2 years ago

If only I could give this pics thousands of likes!