The iconic French fashion house Balenciaga has earned itself a name in the industry for brave (and questionable?) fashion choices. You may take it or leave it, but new extravagant trends will never leave you opinionless.

Last fall, Balenciaga released a pair of red, square-toed leather mules for $545 that bore a striking resemblance to another icon from a slightly different world – the McDonald’s fries packet.

This is not the first time that a high-end fashion brand has released statement pieces which spark associations. They have previously launched a bag worth of $2,145 with a striking resemblance to IKEA’s iconic Frakta tote bag which, in fact, costs thousands of times less – only 99 cents. What a bargain!

Perhaps Balenciaga is deliberately trying to help all the poor fashionistas out there to fairly easily find the pricey high-fashion alternatives in everyday encounters.

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Image credits: Balenciaga

Image credits: Balenciaga

This fashion battle did not go unnoticed for the hawk-eyed people of Twitter. An utterly creative Twitter user @BruhhConsta noticed the amazing resemblance back in August and posted his discovery for the world to appreciate. “Just copped them new Balenciaga,” – he wrote, and the Tweet went viral.

Image credits: BruuhConsta

The tweet has been shared over 50k times and people definitely had something to add

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In a rather surprising turn of events, and just in time for SS19 Fashion Week in Stockholm, McDonald’s responded by asking their Instagram fans if they should release their food container as footwear, showcasing a pair of fry carton shoes. It’s a clash of the Titans, or maybe just a case of ‘who wore it better’ – but McDonald’s Sweden teases with $2 fry carton slip-ons in response to Balenciaga’s $545 red mules.

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A caption under the hilarious image posted on Instagram on February 6 translates to: “If we get 103042 likes we release these for real”. The post currently has 24369 likes and counting. With the response from followers, it seems that new original McDonald’s fashion piece might see the light of day.

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So looking side by side, can you spot the original? And would you cop a pair of this fancy footwear or would you rather buy some large fries instead?