Most of us would do anything for our dogs, going to great lengths to show love to our 4-legged friends. But some are willing to do more than others, and Texas resident Chris Mendiola is here to show us how it’s done.

The 26-year-old decided to show his love and solidarity by getting the same tattoo design as his dog, Bear. When Chris adopted Bear back in 2010, he noticed a small tattoo on his underbelly which sickened the man, knowing that Bear had bounced from home to home and someone had done this to him.

So last year, he decided to get a matching tattoo and shared the post on Facebook, where everyone quickly pointed out something that Chris appeared to have missed. The symbol on Bear’s stomach was an indicator that he was a neutered dog and not a sign of animal abuse, as Chris had first thought. According to the Association of Shelter Veterinarians, it’s a standard procedure to mark neutered pets in animal shelters, so that no one unnecessarily operates on the dogs again.

As the online ridicule ensued, Chris was quick to explain himself. “We talked to our vet about the dog tattoo. I knew what it meant, I knew what I was getting myself into,” he told Buzzfeed. Apparently, Chris knew about the meaning of the symbol all along, except the internet wasn’t too hot on believing his tattoo idea story. Scroll down to read the story for yourself below, and make your own judgment on Chris’s response.

Meet 26-year-old Texas resident Chris Mendiola, who decided to prove his love to his dog, Bear

Mendiola got Bear back in 2010, after the pooch was passed from one household to another

After adoption, Chris soon noticed that the dog had a tattoo on his underbelly and was sickened by it

“It sickens me to know that people actually tattoo their pets”

So last September he decided to get a matching tattoo, as an expression of solidarity

What he seemed not to know is that the tattoo was an indicator that he was neutered and not a sign of animal abuse

As the internet ridicule ensued, Mendiola was quick to defend himself

He said that he knew what the tattoo meant

“We talked to our vet about the tattoo. I knew what it meant” Chris commented

“They can believe and say what they want, but the tattoo is not for them, it’s for me” he added

The internet, however, wasn’t buying it and were quick to point out some inconsistencies in his story