On March 15, 2016, Fort Worth Police were dispatched to find a missing endangered male with Alzheimer's lost near a salvage yard. After an extensive search, the police called in Luca, a retired Search-and-Rescue (SAR) German Shepherd, for help. Luca's former handler and current dog dad Officer Brock believed 10-year-old Luca was up for the task. Luca easily fell back into his training and used his SAR skills to search for the missing man, eventually locating an opening of brush which led to a very steep hill followed by a drop-off. Due to terrain, a PD helicopter responded and immediately observed the lost man in the river, stuck in waist-high mud. Had Luca not tracked the man's trail and located him, the man could've drowned in the cold, fast-moving river. Luca's love and dedication to SAR shows the resilience of older dogs and how training doesn't go away just because they retire.

Luca - Search And Rescue Dog

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