After years of snapping away at random happenings around my home, I finally found joy and purpose in telling the story of our life through artistic images. Sometimes, the images are captured spontaneously and sometimes we recreate something that happened spontaneously, but didn’t get the chance to record. We work together to process the images in a way that shares how they felt in that moment.

We are a family of artists, so the photos may be painted, drawn, or sketched. They are often printed on wood or metal, but they are always printed. I don’t care for digital images that never find their way to becoming ‘real’. I print and frame constantly, so that my children have something tangible to fight over when they move away from home!

More info:

I really get excited about ordinary moments that happen over and over again and I wrack my brain trying to find the aspects of those ordinary things that I want to capture

Our aging dog is a much loved subject in our family images.

Baking strawberry shortcake

Sometimes, wild imaginations make up stories about the prairie and I try to bring that to life

Whatever the image becomes, it was made through collaborative input, and I wouldn’t have it any other way

One summer evening

One kid loves to animate on the computer, one loves to help his dad with chores, and one loves to bake and we try to capture it all

Quick portrait in the barn

Losing track of time

This one gets lost in her imagination, so we created an image to show that.

Mr. Tips the cat

Firewood run

When winter drones on at -20F day after day, gathering wood for the fireplace is a daily job.

Beginning of a new grove

Our grove of trees died, and this was the first replacement we planted.

Reading by the fire

When it is cold outside, everyone congregates around the fireplace.

The thinker

This spontaneous moment was caught with my phone and processed in several painting programs.

Playing in the woods

This was a spontaneous shot I captured through my truck window.

Maybe we had a horrible winter and the chore of gathering firewood from the barn was never ending and so we capture that

The investigator

Exhausted dog

This digital painting was made from a snapshot after a long walk last summer. Waiting for key moments is very important.

Complicated emotions

This painting was made to show the anxiety he felt.

Fighting the prairie wind

The wind is crazy here and I captured this moment from the bottom of a hill.

Turning twelve

Down the old staircase

A farm on the way to work

Treehouse portrait

Kisses from Belle

Reenacting her literature stories