People just can't seem to stop making memes out of Jay-Z. This time a photo from a famous rapper's vacation has surfaced and it was rapidly turned into a meme. Jay-Z was caught riding a jet ski with a grim look on his and wearing a helmet. It quickly prompted the internet to question whether he's actually enjoying the ride or if he really needs that helmet. Many had begun creating mash-ups of Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce who was riding a jet ski like a queen.

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Prepare yourself for laughter and scroll below for the list of best Jay-Z on a jet ski memes!



rappersaid Report

João Gomes 1 week ago

This is actually a really good Photoshop… Except for the lighting and the reflection on his sunglasses, the detailing is great!

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blxckiechan_ Report

M O'Connell 1 week ago

I do have to wonder why she's cross-legged though. Unflattering swimsuit crotch?

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tweettsp Report

SykesDaMan 1 week ago

Absolutely! For a moment, I thought he was wearing a dress shirt beneath his vest! :D



AdamStone4Real Report

Misterscooter 1 week ago

He looks serious. Not sad.



kidnoble Report

Rosa Kim 1 week ago

i love how they found the time to compile this



keiryoncecruz Report

Suzi Gauthier 1 week ago

I love that she's wearing giant earrings on a Jet Ski.