My name is Česlovas Česnakevičius, I am an artist and a photographer based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

This guy I know once told me an interesting story. He was going through dark times at one period of his life. He felt alienated by people he knew and ignored by people he didn't know. As it lasted for quite some time, he got to the state where he started feeling like he became invisible. Understanding something has to be done, he started visualizing everybody around was invisible. To his great surprise, being invisible among invisible people gave him some relief. As time went by, little by little, invisible people started becoming visible again; the guy thought to himself that the only difference between being invisible among invisible people and being regular among regular people was his ego.

All the photos for the 'Invisible people' were taken on the streets of Paris, Berlin, London, Madrid, Amsterdam, and Vilnius and edited by me.

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Invisible People (A True Story)


Rosie Price 1 week ago

This is distopian but still beautiful


Invisible People (A True Story)


Magdalena Żołnierowicz 1 week ago

All of your photos look extremely scary to me... Great work!


Invisible People (A True Story)


Lauren Michlin 1 week ago

Wait... how do they know what the mannequin's face looks like, if everyone's invisible?

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