Looking for a gift for a Potterhead (or yourself!) that’s pure magic?

My Weekend is Booked just changed the gifting game for book lovers with a line of Harry Potter-inspired curated gift boxes that will enchant whoever receives them.

All of the boxes are created by Christina and Emily, a mother-daughter duo with a love of books and a passion for product design.

More info: myweekendisbooked.com

We dare you to discover the enchantment that awaits with this charming House Pride: Bravery box

Enter the land of dark magic with this green and gold box that celebrates ambition and cleverness

Bring a favourite fictional drink to life with this decadent Butter Brew box

Pumpkin Juice is here to steal the show

If your wedding could use a touch of magic, we have just the thing

The Accio Bridesmaid and Accio Groomsman boxes will cast a spell on your wedding party.

Bewitch the mind with this mystical yet sophisticated box that celebrates the art of potion making