As merchant navy officer I used to shoot travels and landscapes until I realized one day that all the time I spent chasing the beauty around me, the beauty itself has never existed outside my mind. For most living creatures there is no major difference between the most fascinating scenery as we see it and complete mess unless it gives shelter, food or water to drink. Everything we see is not the real word but it's model rendered inside our brains based on poor signals taken from the eyes and individual past experience. The colors we perceive is just the specific light wave frequency captured by the retina and rendered by brain, nobody knows that other creatures see it same way or that the real world is in color. From certain moment I seized chasing the ghosts and started searching for beauty across my mind. Meditation, digital camera, laptop, pen display and Adobe Photoshop are the tools I use.

Surrealism language is similar to any foreign language with one major difference - nobody can teach you to speak it, every surrealism is personal.

I use my own photography only. Post processing is the major element in my artworks. Even with very clear idea I would like to have full control over the objects in my image, ability to change, move, reshape and repaint at any given stage to obtain the image that would tell a story. On the other hand I always strive to obtain collage as realistic as a photograph to believe in it. This process is much closer to painting than to traditional photography, but certainly gives much more satisfaction and room for creativity.

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#1 Bitter Taste

Bitter Taste


#2 Tangerine Cloud

Tangerine Cloud


#3 Drunkard



#4 7th Landscape

7th Landscape


#5 Going Home

Going Home


#6 The Catch

The Catch


#7 The Music

The Music


#8 Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread


#9 The Storyteller

The Storyteller


#10 Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali