Known as Chateau Secret, this historic castle in the south of France was built in the 1500’s. Passed on through generations, it was eventually bought for cheap by a family, who left the country and abandoned it. Today it sits with everything left inside. I photographed everything as I found it. Take a look inside and discover the secrets of this abandoned castle.

Disclaimer! I’m hearing that a lot of people are trying to go to this place now because they think I just photographed it and it’s just wide open but that’s not the case. I heard that recently someone tried to go there but it is now completely sealed off, even if the location and the address can easily be found by using Google lens. Please do not go there!

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The castle exterior

I’ve seen a lot more social media accounts doing urban exploring. A lot of these people seem to be doing it for the views or making YouTube videos just for the fame. I consider my work as art that I just like to share with others, and usually, others enjoy seeing it.

However, many abandoned places become sealed up, sometimes by neighbors or even other urban explorers who don’t want others going in, even though these people don’t have a right to do so. The ones where there is nothing open, I consider off limits.


Once I find the location, it’s a matter of planning how to get there, finding out if a place is open, and the best way of entry. Sometimes, it means getting in touch with the last owner. A lot of times, this requires long walks through fields or forests. It’s never a short or easy process.

Besides the camera accessories (a tripod, etc), the most important thing to carry around would be some kind of mask to protect you from dust or asbestos. Water always. A flashlight. Bandaids or anything that helps in case of an injury.

The main living quarters

People often have a misconception that urban exploring is safe and anyone can do it. It’s dangerous and it also requires a lot of research and planning beforehand, there are a lot of risks. Many times, places are not accessible that may have been just a few days earlier. Also, just because a place is abandoned does not mean it’s for sale!

The most dangerous place was a castle in France, which at the time it was open, there was an angry neighbor who had a key. He had a lead pipe and chased me around the castle, it may or may not have been the one in this story.

Downstairs living space


I have learned that as people we take nothing with us when we leave this earth, and sometimes the stuff we valued, including property, can go unwanted by the people we leave it to. I’ve learned a lot about history, and the stories of families (some tragic) that have taken place in these abandoned places. Every trip is an adventure in discovering the past.

Downstairs bedroom


A living space

The kitchen

Main dining room


The main staircase

A piano upstairs


A master bedroom


The Library

Sewing machines in the library

Another upstairs bedroom

Chapel inside the castle