As an urban explorer, I often get to see abandoned houses. However, none may have been as filled with antique history as this one. Fittingly frozen in time like the many stopped clocks that litter its dilapidated rooms, this 19th-century New Jersey cottage was once home to an enigmatic clockmaker and collector of curios, but now lies empty and forlorn, the pendulum having swung squarely against its favor.

As I peaked around the rooms, I was in awe with what was left behind. How can a house filled with such value now be void of life?

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The historic New Jersey cottage that time forgot

Red velvet dining room

Hummel soldier figurine

Vintage gadgets


Antique piano

The house portrait

Master bedroom


Mourning girls lithograph


“Innocence” antique chromolithograph

Picture clocks

Lincoln’s Death

Apothecary paraphernalia

Antique books


Inside a bedroom

A miniature piano

Vintage ephemera


Quack medical device

Clockmaker’s workshop

Clockmaker’s tools

Grandfather clock

A broken portrait

Military hats

A book cabinet

A hanging lantern

Antique camera


Storage attic

The American Collector