Down a long tree-lined driveway you will come across a house overgrown with vines crumbling away slowly. What lies inside are abandoned artifacts that once belonged to a doctor. You can see his office and examination rooms, as well as the living quarters. Each room is more unusual than the next. Filled with taxidermy rugs, old books, medical equipment, clothing, and family photographs.

Take a step inside an American time capsule.

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The exterior

The grand entrance

Main staircase

The family room

Fireplace in the family room

Many medical books


The waiting room

Examination room

Medical procedure room

Medical equipment

Bottles of mysterious liquids

Heart models

Old medicine

The upstairs

An old family photograph

An upstairs living area

A bedroom

A bedroom

Family photographs

Ladies room

1800’s family photographs

Ladies clothes

Lots of shoes

Nature taking over

The sun room