I discovered an abandoned farmhouse built in 1860 on Long Island, New York, with centuries of history and treasures left behind. Antique furniture, photographs, and paintings were scattered around and throughout. After some research, I discovered that due to a legal battle between the former family and current owners. Things have been left for decades in a state of decay.

Step inside the historical century-old farmhouse in Long Island, and take a look at the legacies left there.

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The exterior

The parlour

The Dining Room

The living room

A floral touch

Antique piano

Family memories

Main foyer staircase

An upstairs vanity

An upstairs bedroom

Antique medicines

A sewing corner

Sewing machine

Home remedies

A long hallway

Looking inside

Clothes in a closet

Antique bathroom mirror

A room in the attic

Antique dress form

Ladies shoes