I started body painting to branch out of the cosmetology world. I wanted to expand my skills into a different art form because I was getting stuck in a rut from doing the same thing day to day. I thought to myself, there are so many talented body painters out in the world, how could I stand out from such an artist crowd? That's when I decided to do hand-incorporated body painting. 

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It's different and some don't understand the reason to paint with my hand over my face but art doesn't need to be understood, it is just an expression, a creative outlet. I create looks that don't include cloaking my hand as well. I've always liked to push myself to see what I could accomplish and body painting was so new to me at the time. I've worked hard every day to develop my skills and I put a lot of effort into my creations. It's a way that I escape from life's daily stresses, and I truly enjoy being able to inspire others to step outside the box.

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I Am An Artist That Cloaks My Hand Into The Majority Of My Art


Ditto 1 year ago

I don't see your hand in this one.