Do you ever read something that makes you wonder what year it is? That’s what Twitter is saying about these bizarre how-to lists for men and women, written by someone who seems to think that women are the housewives from 1950s kitchen appliance ads and men are snarling Western film heroes (not much consolation, but at least he thinks both of them should participate in parenting, I guess?).

“How to be an incel: post this kind of s**t,” comments a page that collects and blasts misogynist rants from all over the internet. At least the comments the post has gotten, and the scathing replies to the list on Twitter, show that people who think like this are a disturbing minority.

Here are the original “how to” lists, unfortunately

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Some of the responses take the high road, taking the view that being considerate, developing respectable housekeeping skills and not talking over women or ordering them around are a better starting point for “how to be a man” because they fall under “how to be a decent person.” We also like the more surreal takes… following those instructions would be a good way to deal with people like the guy who wrote the original lists, especially the sword fighting part.

Commenters had some things to say about his advice

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What’s more, commenters agree that they’re better off without the kind of archaic caricatures in those lists, which isn’t surprising. Studies have shown that men and women in heterosexual relationships report better communication and more fulfilled relationships when they both take an active approach to initiating romance, making decisions, and solving conflicts. Yes, apparently, talking to your partner like a human being of the same species results in better relationships, who would have thought? Sharing household chores is also cited as a habit that makes relationships more stable. Total degeneracy, obvi0usly.

Others shared their disbelief

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The “how to be an incel: post s**t like this” caption made it to r/MurderedByWords and the post was taken apart all over again by commenters, like this guy who made the point that cooking is a not only useful, but awesome skill.

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