A few years ago, a Viner named Arthur made a short funny video about how British people shower. Playing on the stereotype that most Brits can't do anything without a good old cup of tea, Arthur showed himself showering with a box of teabags. Because that's what British people do in the shower. Obviously.

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Well, now other people around the world have decided to share their showering habits in a series of hilarious memes. Whether it's Americans showering with their guns, Filipinos showering with their microphones, East Asians showering with their bowls of rice or Chileans showering in the middle of an earthquake, no stereotype is left uncovered as different people bring you the best - or possibly the worst - of cultural clichés.

#2 Indians


bananacrow Report

Cherie 1 year ago

Hahah... Ouch!

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#3 Hondurans


djgriever Report

Robertha Leo 1 year ago

HAHAHAHA love this

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#4 British


JBaston Report

Hans 1 year ago

I thought: "then we leave the EU".

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#8 Americans


beardedrabbit Report

Hans 1 year ago

If I understand correctly, this must be a democrat. The same picture done by a republican would at least feature a semi-automatic rifle, wouln't it?

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#9 Asian Girls

Asian Girls

BatDogOnBatMobile Report

路锴 1 year ago

What the...is there someone who can explain this to me?

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#10 Jewish


Gotanks917 Report

Lonely Dragon 1 year ago

Love this one

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#11 Filipinos


rewcoremas Report

Princesapranka 1 year ago

Yes! Because that's the only place i can sing heart out!

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#12 Nerds


DoubleClickMouse Report

Amanda Panda 1 year ago

Was hoping for something about calculating what ratio of shampoo to conditioner to use....

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#13 Asians


bananacrow Report

Maheak 1 year ago

And then we go home and cook rice!

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#15 Otaku


nythre Report

Cairis Adams 1 year ago

I am literally the only one on this website that watches anime

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