Picture this: You return home after a long and tiring day and find your house in a mess. The hallway is cluttered, and things are scattered around. Nobody wants to return to their home in a state like this. Luckily, a straightforward solution could turn this chaos into comfort, and that’s a hall tree.

Image credits: Photography by Douglas Sheppard.

What Is a Hall Tree and Why Is It Called That?

You might be picturing a big oak tree or a pine sprouting up from your hallway, but it’s not that. A hall tree is a piece of furniture typically found in a hallway or entrance of a home. It comes with shelves or knobs to store items and hang coats. The name was coined due to its shape of a tree-like structure at entrances.

Some homes also have a mudroom where guests or family can place dirty shoes or jackets. It is a practical spot that’s usually found near the doorway of a house. A hallway tree can help declutter this space efficiently. This functional piece of furniture has many benefits.

Benefits of Having a Hall Tree

  • If you have a hall tree with a bench, you can sit on it to put on your shoes quickly.
  • A hall tree with storage is a great place to keep shoes, jackets, keys, and other items.
  • It will become a convenient and easily accessible place to put things.
  • It prevents the home from getting cluttered.
  • A hall tree with seating will be a perfect place to sit and relax for a few minutes after you walk through the door.

We have compiled a list of 20 hall tree ideas in different types and styles to speed up your search. This list covers the best hall tree sizes, features, and designs to choose a great piece for your home. You’ll be able to enjoy a sparkly, clean entryway after a long day at work. Your irreplaceable hall tree will save you from tripping over shoes, hunting for keys, or draping your coats over random chairs. If you want more motivation to get your house in order, check out this list of 61 well-organized spaces.

Take control and build an organized entryway with a versatile hall tree. Before you get started, it’s essential to know how you can use a hall tree.

How Do You Use a Hall Tree?

A hall tree is one of the most adaptable things you can have in your home. You can use them to organize your storage space. It can be used to sort kids’ clothes and school items. Use it as a drop station for shoes, umbrellas, or bags. There are a myriad of options for how you can use an entryway hall tree.

How Do You Measure a Room to Set up a Hall Tree?

Image credits: Photography by smashingdiy.

It would help if you always took proper measurements of your entryway or mudroom before buying or building a hall tree. First, measure the room’s depth, height, and width. 

Next, ensure that the depth of the hall tree will not obstruct the hallway or take up too much space. If you plan on keeping the hall tree closer to the exit, ensure it doesn’t block the front door.

What Are the Different Hall Tree Sizes?

Hall trees come in different sizes, and you can choose wider, narrower, shorter, or taller options based on the space you have in your room. Here are the different sizes:

  • Narrow options range from 12–18 inches wide (30–45 cm), perfect for tight entryways.
  • Medium hall trees range from 24–30 inches wide (60–76 cm), ideal for most rooms.
  • Large pieces range from 30–36 inches wide (76-91 cm), which works for some entryways and most rooms.
  • Giant hall trees wider than 40 inches (101 cm) are perfect for large entryways and foyers.

What Is the Best Material for a Hall Tree?

The material you choose for the hall tree should be durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear and be aesthetically pleasing.


This is one of the most common materials used for hall trees. This is because wood is sturdy and holds weight well. It can also fit into almost any home design. A wooden style can add an organic and rustic feel to the hall tree. 


These hall trees are best for industrial, modern, or minimalistic homes. It is also sturdy and emphasizes the beauty of sleek interiors. You can combine metal and wood for a classic effect.


These hall tree styles are light and airy. They suit rustic and classic home decor the best. A wicker hall tree may be less durable, but the fine finish of the material adds a certain playfulness to the home.

What Are Some Hall Tree Features to Look Out For?

Hall trees should have hooks or rods to hang up jackets or accessories. They should ideally have benches, cubbies, shelves, or cabinets for extra storage space. A bench will also provide additional seating for someone while they take off their shoes. Some hall trees have mirrors so you can look at your reflection one last time as you prepare to go out.

Now that you have all the information needed to decide between different types of IKEA hall trees or to build a DIY hall tree, it’s time to get started on this comprehensive list.


20 Hall Tree Ideas to Beautify Your Home

Your hall tree should reflect your home and personal style. To help you find one that suits your needs, we have curated this list according to functionality and design.

Design-Based Options

1. Classic Hall Tree

Image credits: twowillowsmarket.

This class piece works best in homes with a traditional or transitional interior design. Usually, they are made with carved oak, maple wood, or cherry and include bench-style seating. These traditional pieces combine elegance and functionality. 

Best Way to Use

The warm tones of traditional hall trees should be paired with cool colors in your house. It is best to set this up near a bright entrance.

2. Rustic Hall Tree

Image credits: addicted2diy.


These hall trees are usually rough-hewn and use repurposed wood. The old rustic charm works best in bohemian settings. The coarse and unfinished quality of the wood will provide character to your decor while still providing a sturdy structure to store many things.

Best Way to Use

Since rustic pieces use nature-inspired designs and colors, they are more decorative than industrial hall trees. They can blend in well with a farmhouse-style theme or rustic bohemian settings.

Home decor can be a tough skill to crack so it’s essential to learn from the best and worst. Here are 40 examples of the worst home decor that you should try and avoid when setting up your hall tree.

3. Farmhouse Hall Tree

Image credits: anawhitediy.

These hall trees are often made with different kinds of wood and have handsome furnishing on the front, back, or side. The farmhouse design is a classic piece that works well in traditional or rustic settings. It can bring a warmth and gentle feel to the house. 

Best Way to Use

You can add family pictures or knick-knacks to the hall tree to give it a homely vibe. Highlight the furnishings by pairing them with bright-colored accessories.

4. Wooden Hall Tree


Image credits: smashingdiy.

Wooden hall trees can be styled and set up in any home. They are practical and durable and tend to last for a long time even after a lot of wear and tear. You can use it to store or hang many items and clear the entrance pathway efficiently.

Best Way to Use

These hall trees work best for homes with children. Despite the roughhousing, they will look almost brand new.

5. Ultra-Chic Elegant Hall Tree

Image credits: twowillowsmarket.

This hall tree has a bench seat made out of ash with stained wood. The rest of the piece is made with whiteboard plywood with a walnut finish. Its elegance can lend a glamorous touch to the home’s entryway. People will also be able to store many things in the cubbies. 

Most elegant hall trees are made with cherry, ash, hickory, or oak. It depends on the home’s decor style.

Best Way to Use

The best way to style this piece is by adding an art Deco-style mirror and a velvet cushion on the seat.

6. Modern Hall Tree


Image credits: twowillowsmarket.

Modern hall trees are sleek, streamlined, and simple. They often have a matte or glowing finish that creates a beautiful allure for your entryway. It matches perfectly with stone tile flooring or rooms with soft lighting. Modern furniture pieces have a lot in common with industrial styles. The emphasis is on function rather than decorative details.

Best Way to Use

Modern hall trees are functional and should be paired with matte or glossy decor items.

7. Industrial Hall Tree

Image credits: sagelantern.

The industrial hall trees often feature natural wood tones or exposed metal lining. They take inspiration from urban architecture with straight, clean lines. These pieces are light and long-lasting. They are best used for hanging coats and clearing up small pieces of clothing in the way.

Best Way to Use

You should get an industrial-style narrow hall tree with a bench that can fit in with modern decor while still retaining its functionality.

If you are looking for inspiration while setting up your industrial or modern hall tree here are some examples of modern design you must see.

8. Antique Hall Tree

Image credits: home_asyouare.

The antique style is the opposite of the modern design. It is for people who prefer the feel of vintage objects. Most antique pieces are compact and highly decorative. They come with elaborate furnishings and handiwork. You can establish this hall tree as a centerpiece for your entryway wall since it will grab all the attention.

Best Way to Use

Vintage pieces are paired best with white or cream furniture. You can find an antique hall tree with a mirror that can act as a statement piece for your hallway. People will spend time looking at their reflections and also admiring the ornate handiwork.

9. Minimalist Hall Tree

Image credits: ourhappycheshirehome.

Minimalist hall trees have clear simple lines and designs that don’t beg for attention. These crisp furniture pieces can give your house a calm and elegant look. Your external surroundings should be a reflection of your internal state of mind. Minimalism can help tidy the chaos and create a calming environment that gives your head and eyes some rest.

Best Way to Use

Make sure that the minimalist hall tree rack is painted contrasting to the wall to stand out.

10. Corner Hall Tree

Image credits: anawhitediy.

Most hall trees are set against the wall of the mudrooms or hallways. But you may not always have enough space to build a hall tree. In that case, you can opt for a corner hall tree. The best part is that it will take up less space but provide you with more area to utilize. It can fit into any corner and help you utilize unused nooks in your house. 

Best Way to Use

Corner hall trees have more depth than average storage spaces so that you can store many items in them.

There are many exciting ways to use small and narrow spaces in your house besides building a corner hall tree. You can also try out these 35 solutions to small space problems.

11. Distressed Wood Hall Tree

Image credits: kh022088.

Distressing wood is the process of weathering the wood by using chemicals, tools, or hands to create imperfections that add to its character. This kind of wood adds a rustic feel to the room and has a stylish effect. You can use dark distressed wood and surround it with plants or other earthy elements.

Best Way to Use

You can make the distressed wood look even better by adding a patina coat or oxidizing it. This helps to deepen the hues and preserve the material.

Functionality-Based Options

Hall trees have many storage options and features to help you design a better home. Before we dive into the types of functional hall trees, it is essential to know what storage options you should consider:

  • Cubbies: These are small compartments open on the front for easy accessibility. They can be used to store shoes and smaller items.
  • Shelves: They can be arranged in many different ways and be used for storing large objects or placing decorative items.
  • Lids: Some of the hall trees come with storage nooks that have lids. You can use them to keep items securely.
  • Fold-out benches: These compartments can be folded up to reveal storage spots. It helps save space and maintains the overall design of the piece.

You can mix and match many of these elements especially if you decide to build a hall tree from scratch.

1. Hall Tree With Shelves

Image credits: smashingdiy.

Most hall trees come with shelves but if storage is your primary concern, then you can choose pieces with multiple shelves. There are many popular options like zigzag and mirrored shelves which can be decorative and functional. You can put plants on the shelves along with books and other accessories. 

Best Way to Use

You can use this kind of hall tree to place tiny accessories or decorate it with knick-knacks to add to the finish.

2. Hall Tree With Shoe Storage

Image credits: alsomaggie.

The best part about a hall tree is that it can also be a shoe storage space. Many hall trees come with one attached, but you can also mix and match pieces of the set to suit your needs. Rather than leaving shoes in clutter all around your house, you can arrange them in the shoe storage space so that it’s convenient for people when they are leaving the house.

Best Way to Use

People can leave their soiled shoes in this storage space so that it does not create a mess in the house.

3. Hall Tree With Bench

Image credits: grove_house_interiors.

The best hall trees should be both practical and unique. That’s why you should opt for a hall tree with a bench. It will allow you to store shoes and other items. At the same time, you will also be able to use the bench as a seating area. 

It is best for larger families with children. When children put their shoes on they can sit on the bench to avoid stumbling. You can also place groceries as you lock the door or remove your coat.

Best Way to Use

The bench can be used for convenient seating and for storing shoes underneath.

4. Hall Tree With Blackboard

Image credits:

A hall tree might just seem like a simple storage area but you can use it for so many other things. It’s time to expand your thought process because your hall tree can also come with a blackboard. It can be used to write notes to your family members, share reminders, make lists, and create amazing chalk drawings. Why limit yourself to just storage when you can do more? 

Best Way to Use

You can use it to write grocery lists or tasks for the day and keep simple reminders for yourself.

5. Open-Back Hall Tree

Image credits: znash89.

Open-back units are created so the frame can support and hold all of your items while the middle is left open for the wall to be seen. It helps to showcase the color of the wall behind and keep minimal lines for storage. Many open-backed hall trees come with multiple hooks and small cubbies for storage.

Best Way to Use

This hall tree style looks best in a traditional or minimalist decor home. You might be able to store only a few things in this hall tree.

6. Hall Tree With Lockers

Image credits: twowillowsmarket.

Hall trees can be made into an even more efficient storage option by adding lockers. These lockers can be separated by dividers so that you can arrange items in categories. With cubbies, shelves, lockers, and hooks you will have plenty of space to store just about anything.

Best Way to Use

Look for lockers made with composite wood laminate for the best quality material.

7. Narrow Hall Tree

Image credits: crosleyfurniture.

This hall tree is suited for small spaces due to its compact design. It can store your essentials such as shoes, coats, and minor objects. They often come with small double-prong coat hooks and a bench to place a bag or sit for a while. A narrow hall tree with a bench can help you save space while still being convenient for seating and storage.

Best Way to Use

Place it in a small mudroom or at the end of an entryway to make more space in the house.

8. Wide Hall Tree 

Image credits: jobosapien89.

This type of hall tree is the best for large households. If your house is full of hustle and bustle with many members, it is best to invest in a wide hall tree. It will help you keep all your items organized. A wide hall tree should ideally have over 10 integrated cubbies for storing shoes. They can hold a lot of weight with some holding over 200 pounds. Multiple hooks and shelves will help you keep everything in order. 

Best Way to Use

You can place these large hall trees in a foyer or big entryway. This will help with storage while also making a vast room seem grounded.

9. Mirror Hall Tree

Image credits: thirteen79design.

Hall trees are conveniently placed at the entrances of homes so that you can pick up items that you need. Another fantastic part of these pieces is that you can add a mirror, which will help you check your reflection before leaving the house. Hall tree mirrors also add to the design of the furniture and can make your hallway feel more inviting.

Best Way to Use

You can use it to look at your reflection when leaving and do a final touch-up if needed.

Get Started With Your Hall Tree

Hall trees go beyond a functional purpose to act as a statement piece for your home. They can warmly welcome guests and family while keeping your house organized. Whether you decide to combine a bench piece with cabinets or racks, you will be sure to liven your home’s entrance.

Now that you have a better understanding of hall trees, you can create a clutter-free space at home. If you want to beautify the rest of your space, you can check out this list of 97 creative decoration ideas. It’s time to take your home to the next level!

Hall Tree FAQs

1. Is a hall tree a good idea?

A hall tree is a great way to save on space and storage. It can be used in many different ways and spruce up your entryway.

2. What do you put on a hall tree?

You can store gloves, jackets, coats, umbrellas, shoes, and kids’ things in the hall tree. 

3. Where do you put a hall tree?

Most hall trees can be found in the hallway of a home right at the entrance or in the mudroom.

4. What are the different names for hall trees?

A hall tree can also be called a hatrack, clothes tree, or hat tree.

5. Why is it called a hall tree?

The name hall tree comes from the shape and design of the unit. It is shaped like a tree with knobs, and it opens out in the home right at the entrance.