Hi, I am Lindsey. What is the weirdest dream you have ever had in your life?


i had i dream that donald trump came to my house and proposed to my mom (she hates him) and then his head turns into a pumpkin.



i had a dream that on the night, ordinary objects tried to kill me.



I gave birth to a kitten.



It's long but here it goes....

I was a reporter in a plane full of bad guys (who were all like 10ft tall and 2ft wide). They were all going crazy 'cause the plane was crashing and I was just standing in the center doing literally nothing. When it crashes all the bad guys die and I emerge from the wreckage perfectly clean. I look around the street and all the parking spaces were taken. No one was anywhere and it was beginning to rain. Except for the pizza guys. They were on bikes and pedaling HARD. They only moved like a mile an hour though. I tried talking to them except they kept saying that they needed to move fast to deliver all the pizzas before the boiling rain started??? Anyway, I continued walking until I saw a huge crowd of people running in this square, shouting about hiding before the rain started to boil. I turn to see a lady, with dark hair and two kids who are up to her knees, wiping her hands together shouting "done". I ask her what she is done with. She nonchalantly says "putting her pigs in her house" :/. I ask why. She looks at me like it's so obvious and says, "Because I don't want them to become bacon!" I ask if I can see them. She looks at the dark windows and they light up. Inside, it looks like a daycare full of pigs with hair. She points to one with dark curls and says his name is Stuffy. (Somehow I thought this was ok). She says that Stuffy likes this other pig. The pig she proceeds to point to has long blond curls. She then says something in "pig". I suddenly knew how to speak pig. I ask what she said, and she said that she told him that the girl pig was cute. I ask if I can say something and she says yes. I try to say she's really out of this world. When I finish, the lady is doubled over laughing. She then says, "You tried to say she is really out of this world, but you said she is really out the world." She gestures to the pigs, the boy one is blushing scarlet and looking at me like a maniac. Then I wake up laughing.



my form teacher came to my house and talked bad about me to my parents. then for some reason i was dating her boyfriends younger brother and his mum loved me and hated her. then for some reason she lived with her boyfriend's family so when i slept over it would be awkward



I had a dream where I kissed a dog and then I started dancing with some weird dude and I saw some creepy creatures and then I woke up



Me, my friend, and some random guy from our school were shapeshifting superheroes and we fought crime and our secret base was our school cafeteria but then we started fighting and the world was destroyed and then it was a zombie apocalypse and a group of random kids from my school, my friends, my family, and my ELA teacher were stranded in my house and we lived upstairs because in the dream zombies couldn't climb stairs but then we ran out of food so I was nominated to go downstairs to the kitchen to get food and on the way to the kitchen i got eaten by a zombie (which, i should mention, have rainbow neon flashing lights in their throat and it's crazy and feels chaotic when you get swallowed) but i didn't die because the zombie was a good zombie and he spit me into my moms cabinets in her bathroom and I got squashed in there and hid under towels from the bad zombies and then I woke up



I had a dream that my family went to the circus. When it was time to go home, we all got in this tiny bucket that was in a tiny stream, and that's how we got home. Our house was a tall red barn that was empty except for like some rope or something.



I've had so many, but there was this one...
I was in a huge glass dome with these red haired twin boys, and in the middle was a play structure and some bark chips. We were playing when the play structure broke into pieces and started rolling into this tunnel labelled 'bear cave.' I didn't want to see any bears so I got off and watched the twins roll down the tunnel and out of sight. Then I went back to the bark chips and they were setting up a farm there, and somebody in lederhosen came in carrying a GIANT stuffed rooster that was like five times his size. And then I looked over towards the bear cave tunnel and the sign had changed to say 'aquarium' and it was one of those glass tunnels where you are surrounded by water and the decapitated heads of the twin boys were floating around behind the glass with the fish...



It was like I was viewing it from my own eyes, instead of a third person kind of view like I usually had. I walked into my apartment, and there were a couple friends who followed me in. Now, I’m young, I don’t have an apartment, and I’m definitely not in my late 20 s like I was in my dream. Anyway, the apartment was all white, and there was a view out the window ( which had no glass or anything, it was just open air) to this gorgeous coastal town. All white and blue.
Anyway, I go into my small living room, just a few steps away from the front door, and I grab a deck of cards from off a small coffee table. I say down on a (white) leather couch, and start shuffling them. I look out the window for a moment, and then that’s when I see it. A meteor crashes to the city outside. (suddenly the view outside of my apartment looks more like an aerial view of NY). Time slows down and I see the shock waves come towards my home at a speed both fast and slow, waves on solid ground. It was eerie. The next thing I remember in that dream in looking out the window at a column of smoke , bigger than anything I’ve ever seen. I saw what looked like a hand, grasping at the sky, and then the shockwave hit. My vision went white, and I could almost feel a wave of heat before I was burnt to a crisp.

This is one of the only dreams I ever remembered. It was weird.


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i feel like this has a meaning but i cant figure out what


It's not really weird but it is one that I remember and I always find quite funny.

I'm in a car with my friends and I'm on my way to my wedding. We're all in suits so it's basically my groomsmen and me. Halfway through the journey the car stops and I get out and start walking he remaining few blocks to the venue.
I'm walking, the sun is shining and I'm feeling happy, I can't wait to get there and get married. Then I see a friend of mine walking down the opposite side of the street and I stop. She crosses the road and asks me, "what's up? what are you doing?" To which I reply, "I'm heading to the venue to get married to you" and she knows nothing about this, so she says, "We're not getting married" so I'm really confused and I say, "so if we're not getting married, then who am I marrying?" and the dream cuts out and I wake up.

Not weird or eventful but it always gives me a chuckle.



I had a dream where i had two brothers.
My mom whispered to them and me.
And they cut up my sisters body.
Then they did it to my bffs.
Then me.
They put the chonks of body into the fridge.
ikik creepy


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The time everyone turned into kitchen appliances to save themselves and no one would tell me how to do it.

The Zombie dream, hyper detailed and insane, that had a group of people who were spotless wearing polo's, khaki's, white shoes, and perfectly groomed walking around with empty mop buckets and mops. Everything was filthy, smoke was everywhere, they were spotless! When I tried to warn them about the Zombies one of them, the leader, lifted the mop aloft and said 'The mop knows' and in cultish creepy fashion the others droned 'the mop knows' and waved their mops in the air. That legit creeped me out and I have weird dreams all the dang time.

The zombie dream where there was a rock concert for the zombies in my front lawn and a tree at the corner of my fenced in zombie proofed porch that had glowing colored balls. You touched the balls and they burst into a bunch of jolly ranchers. The balls kept changing color and I was upset I couldn't get sour apple.

I can go on. The list is pretty endless and I'm a partial lucid dreamer, so I wake up in the dream at some point, know I'm dreaming, and just go along for the ride. Yes I can partially control it, no I usually don't, and no I don't active lucid dream where you're lucid the entire dream. I also have repetitive dreams/nightmares that I have to work through to end them, the longest of which took me almost 2 months to get to the end. No there's not always a 'save' point, it's like groundhogs day the dream restarts every night and every night I get further through it. Thankfully these don't happen often and after I get through it the first time if it comes back years later it doesn't make me go through the whole thing again.



That I beat the honest living crap out of putin to marry queen eclipsa from SVTFOE. Dont ask it was weird



I Dreamed That I Floated To The Top Of The Ceiling And Was Unable To Get Down.


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Also, My Mom Had A Dream Where She Was Amazingly Tanned, But She Woke Up, Her Skin The Same As Normal.

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I've had tons of weird dreams, but this one is the weirdest. I was in a changing room (I was the only one there) for some random place (I'm a girl BTW) and I was for some reason naked(?!), then these guys in law suits just barged into the changing room and accused me of stealing my cat's virginity and whiskers. I ran out, still naked, and ran through the whole city. Another time was a couple years after my best friend moved away. We (my best friend and I) were riding our bikes to this jetty, and then one of our other friends just jumped of the jetty with is bike. My BFF and I went to this shopping mall where we both went elsewhere with each of our families. We were all still riding bikes, and then I was naked all of a sudden. Weird IKR!



I had a dream i was at a ritual and three small children stood near an older boy there was a cage made of sticks there was a boy in there saying no then the older boy got as brick and smashed the boys face in and the boy fell back and thats all i saw over and over again, then i saved a girl who was going to be killed we got into our car and she was in the back of the truck and her hand fell off when i was driving to her parents, she also aged ten years by the time we got to her parents.



I was at some kind of fair, playing ring toss or something like it at the midway. I was trying to win a chrome logo of the band Styx. I was talking to the carnie while his jam box started playing The Commodores' "Easy", and he shooshed me, whispering "listen". I listened deeply and stated crying, exclaiming "it's so beautiful!"
I woke up laughing at that stupid dream!



It was my job to preform the ritual sacrifice of my brother. I was to cut his head off with a manchette. Unfortunately I wasn't strong enough to cut all the way through so I took a second swing but hit him just above the eyebrows and cut the top of his head off.