Do it.


Can I go pick up some stuff from the doctor tomorrow morning and take the meds and then go to bed?

Classic! 🤣


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Can I get a Pokémon cards for my phone and then you send a picture to me


Can I come get it or you have the chicken salad chicken chicken nuggets and pies and a cup of coffee for me tomorrow and then I’ll head back up to my place to go get my dog pig and chicken salad chicken chicken nuggets and pies and a cup for dinner and a cup for the next door and the next one for me and then I’ll get the cookies and pies and a cup for cup and cup for the cup of cookies.



Can I help you kids with the same flickering energy that circles her hands? (I'm a fantasy writer so I mean the last part kind of makes sense. I use it sometimes.)

Can I come next time and just go straight to lights out?

Can I get up and walk back to the living room?



“Can i please stop to get a milk tea for my dog and then I will have to make a salad for him??!!” 🤣🤣🤣 he does like tea but i dont think he eats salad lol 😂



Can I call Venom and see if we were going to get the friendliest looking stray?



Can I get to know you better?

Can I come in the castle?



Can I want to know if there is a lot to be a good thing that has the same as that is a great place to start a family member of the Board of Trustees and I think that it was not until you are looking for a way that it would have been a great?




Can I get a pic of you and your family a very happy and prosperous New year to you and your family.




Can I have a bat that I know I can get you to do?

Can I come over Tuesday morning?

Can I get my period?



Can I get the kids to go with the cats




Can i be a friend or something else on the phone or if I need internet lol I have to go back in my room lol I just don’t know how to get a pic of it



Can I help you with the other boysenberry is the name of green green eyed girl lol ty she was okay bai lol ty you know what she says about her hair and she is so cute and she doesn’t want to make her cry



Can I come over for dinner or do you want me to bring you some more of it if I can do something for dinner.



Can I go to the other place for a little while?


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Can I get my car back from my car if you need anything from me.

Why does my iPad keep assuming I have a car? I don’t. Also how tf do you put your own car in your car.



Can I get a milkshake at the library today?
A little strange but okay lol



Can I tell you that I am going to the class tomorrow?

Umm… maybe?



Can I get a little dog for the dog bed?



Can I go with you guys to get a new car for the car?
What the what? Guess the other car needed a companion!



Can I send a picture of you on the other end of your hair appointment at your dads office and I can show you how I feel about the future change plans and I have plans to do it for now and then I’ll be home 🏠 I can still do my berry milk if it’s still in a bed lol 😝 lol I still have plans tomorrow night and I’m still waiting to see if we can get it snow?


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Can I call you tomorrow or Monday morning when I get up and meet you at lunch



Can I have a lot more time to go to the bathroom? Lol



Can I get a girlfriend please people are hot and I am late for school is boring and I can't wait for the end of the day