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Ayo its B00ts 2.0 and If you think im having a good time most of the time you would be wrong. I'm an epic memer and the only time I can relax without getting in trouble is every week minus school days also minus weekends. also funny how my points changed to 555 on leprechauns day, which is full of luck. for most people i should say. now I cant watch memes bc I have a lot of missing assignments. Nobody who I want to make friends with will notice me for whatever reason. which is why i just upvote a lot of their comments to show them support. direct support is something i don't get very often anyways. also i like naruto, minecraft, commentary channels, youtube, and other stuff



Ay it's me ya boy anime simp . Anime simp is know for blasting loud music , screaming the lyrics for anime soundtracks along with j pop and k pop . Has about 57 different personalites , ignoring the world and always sleeping . i also need friends but ya



Hi, I'm an annoying spontaneous lazy weirdo who will geek out about anything and will blast music at random times. You don't want to be my friend.



Hi, I am very annoying, I talk alot unless someone has a louder voice than I. Soooooppper lazy when it comes to studying. I have 7 Missing school assignments as of 3/16/2021 (Havent checked since then) and Im late to almost every meeting...


Catto's are very noice




1. I have always felt useless, and had a sudden urge to cause harm to myself.
2. I also am slightly insecure about my gender (male). I just don't feel like I want to be. (I have never told anyone)


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Be yourself- I know it's corny, but it's ok to take time to figure out who you truly are <3


Hi I’m known for being so quiet in public that my mom says I disappear but the second I am with my friends or family I am the loudest person there. I am an e-girl/skater girl. I love to skateboard but am not good at it. I am known for ignoring people (my parents). I love to sleep and will be late for everything if I don’t set 20 alarms. I also am terrible at talking to people I don’t know.



Hi my lovelies, I'm Ren, and I have a serious obsession with cats and tiny things. I adore crochet, and constantly talk about it, and I collect chapstick. I own too many crystals, and I have a tendency to make art without realizing it, to the point of not having a math notebook because all the pages are filled with doodles. It's very nice to meet you! :)



I have a really loud voice, I don't want to talk to my parents, I will also sometimes have the urge to do self-harm.


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hi um my name is Alex and im a gamer girl and im very insecure and i have mental illnesses and im an e-girl and i love fortnite



I'm kinda horny right now