After visual artist Akiro Tea and her boyfriend Ben started petsitting a dog, their lives changed completely. Using their new experiences as inspiration, Akiro has perfectly documented the quirks in her comic series called “Awkward Moments.” Judging by the images, looking after the pup probably made the two of them desire one as well!

“Ben’s family has always had dogs, he has also worked on a dogsledding farm in Iceland,” Akiro Tea told Bored Panda. “I’ve never had a dog but I’ve started dog and catsitting last year and it’s a great thing to do if you like animals.”

The dog that these comics are dedicated to is Kioni, a Great Dane who is thought to be about 4 or 5 years old. “She is really loving and protective,” the artist added. “I really like how excited she gets whenever I come home. When you give her a hug she’ll place her paw on one shoulder and her head on the other and give you a squeeze, almost like she’s hugging back.”

If you scroll down, you’ll see how the temporary dog handlers were trying to keep the pooch away from the bed, how they went on walks, and other precious everyday moments. Enjoy!

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Comic artist Akiro Tea and her boyfriend began petsitting a dog recently and their lives changed 180 degrees

Akiro decided to document the experience by doing what she does best, creating comics


“So this is my reality now, since we’ve been taking care of her”

“She isn’t ours, we’re petsitting her while her parents are busy having a newborn baby”

Such a goofball!