The holidays are upon us – the smell of cinnamon spice is in the air, we’re surrounded by glittering Christmas decorations, and the entire Internet is either writing or reading posts about gift ideas. To stand out, we’ve created a collection of cool gifts just for you, the cat peoples of the internet.

Judging by the popularity of cats on the Internet, either you or somebody you know is most probably a cat lover. So do them (or yourself) a favor this season by checking out some of these excellent cat gifts. There are great ideas here for both guys and gals, and for people from all different walks of life who are united by their love of cats. One of the best gifts, a cat hammock, might even make a good present for your animal friend if they like to nap in tight places. Christmas is coming up, so don’t pick your cat lover gifts!!

Scroll down to check the list of the best gifts for cat lovers below. Would you rather give these gifts or receive them?

1. Cat Stockings

2. Cat Ears Watch

3. PyroPet Candle


4. Amaro Kitty Dress

5. Cat Ring

6. Cat Crib

7. Cat Measuring Cups

8. Embroidered Cat Shirts


9. Cat Mug

10. Cat Ukulele

11. Kitty Collar Tips


12. Cat Plates

13. Cat Nap Pillow Case Set

14. Cat Face Shoes

15. Cat Mug

16. Catwalk Picture Hanger


17. Black Cat Tea For One Set

18. Cat Face Leather Leggings


19. Sticky Notes Black Cat


20. Cat Apron


21. Silicone Cat Tray


22. Hungry Cat iPod Case


23. Black Cat BodySuit