Whether you're a casual bike lover or a fanatical fixie rider with the calves of a Greek god, these awesome bicycle gift ideas will fill any bike rider with joy. Spring is here (and it's National Bike Month), so it's time to blow the dust off your bike and give it a tune-up before you hit the road!

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While some of these gifts are vanity or household items, others are 100% practical – reflective elements, lights and designer locks are great ways to make your bike safer, more secure or more comfortable!

#2 Ivy Bike Lock

Ivy Bike Lock

Sono Mocci Report

JosephineSønke 3 years ago

Where can I buy this??? ☺️

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#8 Bike Bells

Bike Bells

Poketo Report

JenniferScott 3 years ago


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#10 Elevated Bike Rack

Elevated Bike Rack

etsy.com Report

Kikkaio 3 years ago

really good idea

#15 Bicycle Gear Cog Coasters

Bicycle Gear Cog Coasters

etsy.com Report

BiaAmorim 3 years ago

Awwww! Very creative!!

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#17 Hanging Clips

Hanging Clips

etsy.com Report

JustineCooper 3 years ago

What else can fit in that space?

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#19 Hardwood Bike Basket

Hardwood Bike Basket

etsy.com Report

TarynWallace 2 years ago

Cute idea but I would be terrified of hitting a bump and having my phone fly out. Would be better with like a mesh top maybe.

#21 Mounted Pocket Watch

Mounted Pocket Watch

Chrome Carlton's Report

Totally a Dragon 1 month ago

Is this waterproof?

#22 Bicycle Bookshelf

Bicycle Bookshelf

etsy.com Report

f@temeh 2 years ago

bookends (:

#24 Natural Rope Lock

Natural Rope Lock

amazon.com Report

MariaEftimie 3 years ago

this would not prevent thieves from stealing your bike...

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