Say hello to Chloe, my adorable Chihuahua. Some people (especially children) often tell me that she looks like a fawn or a squirrel… Frequently, they would shout out “Oh mom, there is Bambi!”

I started my path as a photographer when I was only 15. Although I normally photograph people, recent I discovered my love for taking pictures of my cute Chloe. After some publications on Facebook, more and more people fell in love with Chloe.

My images are distinct for their soft colours, beige tones and blurry parts… and of course for Chloe.

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Chloe and her plush Chihuahua

New autumn wear



Outdoor times

Smells like nature

Little deer

Good morning

Aww, look here!

Balcony is her all time favourite place


Are you in a bad mood?

On the floor

Morning lights