Fences are the poor man's wall: they might not prevent someone from trespassing, but they'll certainly imply that you would rather that they didn't. Or as Robert Frost put it in his poem, “Mending Wall,” "Good fences make good neighbours." But does that mean you can become a better neighbour by making a better fence? Maybe!

Bored Panda has put together this list of fantastic fences to inspire you, dear neighbours, to be even better. Have a fence but no neighbour on the other side? Put a bird on it, and watch potential neighbours flock to set up shop next door! Or, if a bird doesn't do the trick, then check out some of these radical fences below. Vote on your favourite, or upload pictures of your own fencing. (h/t)

#1 Tree Mural Fence Decor

Tree Mural Fence Decor


Rhon 2 years ago


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#2 Marble Fence Decor

Marble Fence Decor

gardendrama.wordpress.com Report

Robert O 2 years ago

Another photo from a bit further back would have been welcome

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#3 Bird House Fence Decor

Bird House Fence Decor

Royal Gardens Report

Mortiferus 2 years ago

The cats will love it...

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#4 Beach Mural Fence Decor

Beach Mural Fence Decor

vonfluestudio.com Report

Lou Wow 2 years ago

Makes me want to be there.

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#5 Old Window Fence Decor

Old Window Fence Decor


mother 2 years ago

Love it!

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#6 Mirror Fence Decor

Mirror Fence Decor

The Bramble Berry Cottage Report

Yvonne Bernal 2 years ago

Looked like a great idea . . . until the birds started crashing into them

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#7 Calvin And Hobbes Mural Fence Decor

Calvin And Hobbes Mural Fence Decor

reddit Report

Luis Milian 2 years ago


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#8 Butterfly Fence Decor

Butterfly Fence Decor

Curtis Fesser Report

Mike Cassels 2 years ago

Admirably red!

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#9 Vertical Garden Fence Decor

Vertical Garden Fence Decor


Yvonne Bernal 2 years ago

Eye appeal to the max!

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#10 Tin Can Fence Decor

Tin Can Fence Decor

viralnova Report

Fatima Masino 2 years ago

My next project ????

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