Stephen Hawking was one the greatest and most intelligent people that have ever lived, and as everyone mourns the loss of this incredible scientist, it's time to remember how important humor was to this man.

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In a documentary 'Stephen Hawking: A Brief History of Mine' the scientist stated that humor will always have a major role in his life as it helped him to overcome the degenerative motor neuron disease that he has been diagnosed with in 1963.

"I have lived over 2/3 of my life with a thread of death hanging over me. Because every new day could be my last, I have developed a desire to make the most of each an every minute. Keeping an active mind has been vital to my survival. As has been maintaining a sense of humor."

Stephen Hawking has passed away on March 14th, and everyone shared their tributes to this honorary scientist. "The Simpsons" executive producer-writer Al Jean went on social media to post his tribute by saying “RIP Stephen Hawking. A sense of humor as vast as the universe”.

Scroll down to see how Stephen Hawking managed to make us laugh throughout his incredible life.

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#1 The Time Stephen Hawking Met John Olliver

The Time Stephen Hawking Met John Olliver

ExistentialYurt Report

Ehren Thomsen 5 months ago

This was the dialectal equivalent of using a flamethrower. Priceless.

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#2 The Time Stephen Met Jim Carrey

The Time Stephen Met Jim Carrey

LongEclipse Report

stellermatt 5 months ago

i LOVE that he had such a great sense of humour.

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#3 Sheldon Meets Stephen Hawking- The Big Bang Theory

TianquanTV Report

Katie Fallon 5 months ago

I loved this episode! Until this scene, I wasn't sure if he was actually going to make an appearance or if it would be a behind-closed-door thing.

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#4 The Time Stephen Hawking Organized A Time Traveller's Party

WeAreStarStuff51 Report

SanchaTheSeeker 5 months ago

This is one of my favourite moments of Stephen Hawking

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#5 That Incredible Interview On Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

LastWeekTonight Report

Sarah Birrelle 5 months ago

Legend. Such class and humour in the face of such adversity. Nature really played a cruel joke trapping such a brilliant mind this way. He's such an amazing force. Always will be...

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#6 Star Trek Stephen Hawking

Vlad Paunescu Report

oded fried-gaon 5 months ago

Very sad. crazy fact... Hawking died the day Einstein was born!

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#7 Stephen Hawking Does Stand Up Comedy

The Mean Channel Report

Lilly 5 months ago

this one was the best!

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#8 Homer Simpson Having A Beer With Stephen Hawking

Simpsons Best Moments Report

Ben S. 5 months ago

He liked Homer's doughnut-shaped universe theory.

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#9 Jim Carrey And Stephen Hawking On Late Night With Conan

cotys779 Report

Hope Floats 5 months ago

Brilliant!!! Stephen had such a great sense of humour and I love the comparison he made... RIP.. Another person that will remembered for always..

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#10 The Time Stephen Hawking Shared His Thoughts On Brexit

Hamdan Baig Report

carolyn rhea drapes 5 months ago

That sly little smile at the end. Amazing man. RIP.

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