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22 Words Hilariously Mispronounced By Toddlers
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22 Words Hilariously Mispronounced By Toddlers


One of the most important parts of a young child’s growth is when they start developing their language skills, but the things that they manage to say while they’re learning can be a comedic goldmine. Blogger mommy Ilana illustrated this point on her blog, where she collected mispronounced words from her readers and paired them with images of what the children were trying to say.

Research into early language development is ongoing because it is not yet fully understood. Interestingly enough, a child’s language development begins before they even begin babbling. Some research has suggested that embryos in utero are capable of identifying their mother’s voice. Although the human brain has areas dedicated to language processing, it is not yet clear if there is a part of the brain dedicated to innate language acquisition or whether it is entirely learned from a child’s environment.

It seems like the one thing that we definitely do know is that kids can be adorable and hilarious when they’re learning to speak, so check out these images:

Source: (via: buzzfeed)









(The Kitchen)

(Dump Truck)


(Bathing Suit)




(Grilled Cheese)


(Ice Cream)

(French Fries)









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