The creator of the Koty Vezde (Cats are Everywhere) Instagram page sees cats, well, everywhere. 29-year-old Galina Bugaevskaya from Moscow photoshops cat faces on various animals and things. It’s cute. It’s weird. It’s hilarious.

Galina told us that the digital art idea to merge cats with everything else came to her a year and a bit ago. From 2k fans in October, since our previous article, Koty Vezde has grown in leaps and bounds and now boasts over 50.4k followers.

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“After that very first article, almost the whole world found out about me—many more different articles appeared in different languages. I read them with pleasure, and the comments on them too—there were so many kind words!” Galina told Bored Panda.

She said that she was shocked at how quickly the number of people following her funny photos on Instagram grew. “I've been running my page with 600 subscribers for a year, but there was such a stir! I did not believe it, reading all these articles, that this was really happening to me. I could not sit still and constantly checked the page—is this really happening? Already 4k followers, then 8k... 10k! At the moment, there are more than 50k.”

Galina is very happy that she receives wholesome and heartwarming messages about her photo editing, thanking her for making them smile and for making their day with these unusual animals. She says she's very moved by such comments. “I've always liked to make people laugh and bring them pleasant emotions, but I am very shy in real life. Therefore, I am very glad that people really like my adorable animals and it raises their spirits.”


The artist now spends more time on her hobby, working on new funny cat Photoshop edits every day.

Because Galina is now a Photoshop master, she wanted to share some of her wisdom with others, some of whom are just starting out. “You do not need to know Photoshop thoroughly to engage in creativity. In fact, you use only a few tools (each with its own methods) for creativity most often. Yes, gradually you discover new tools and ways when you work a lot with the program. But many are afraid to start studying Photoshop thinking that it is very difficult.”

“As for me, I actively use tools such as ‘finger' and ‘stamp.' It is also very useful to know color grading,” she said. “The easiest way to start is by doing something that interests you. Comics? Coloring? Drawing dragons or fantastic animals? Doing memes? If you simply force yourself to do what you do not like, nothing will work. It's important to do what gives you pleasure.”


She added: “To find people who like your job is very motivating. It can be friends, some group on a social network, subscribers. Social approval inspires people to do more and try better. Yes, maybe not everyone will like your work. At first, it is very difficult to find your audience. But, hey! There are more than 7 billion of us! There's definitely someone on Earth who will look at your work and say, 'Yes, this dude is cool!'"

Galina told us about her plans in the near future. She plans to do some shops with famous Instagram cats. “People really like to see familiar faces with an unusual treatment. In addition, I am thinking of organizing a contest where the prizes will be my ‘mixes' with the winners' cats.”


In an earlier article, Galina told us this: “I am very pleased that so many people appreciated my work. People write a lot of warm comments under my works—this is very cool! I am so happy!”

She confessed that she’s a huge cat lover and felines have always been a part of her family. She’s a huge fan of angry and chubby cats and thinks that these creatures are “divine.” At the moment, she has three cats: Filya, Puchok, and Umka who is a white Persian, named after a bear cub from a Soviet cartoon.

“I am an ordinary Russian girl,” she said. “I love fantasy very much, which is a little reflected in my work. I work as a content manager. I mastered Photoshop on my own, this is my hobby.”

“I know what many people think about Russia. That there are gloomy, stern people who never smile. Now you know that Russians also love cats! Thanks to everyone who follows my work! It is very inspiring. I love you!” the creator of Cats are Everywhere sent out a heartwarming “thank you” to all of her fans and followers.

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