Foxes have an irresistible charm that can leave some people bewitched. For those who are caught securely under the spell of these elegant creatures, these brilliant fox gifts found on Etsy are the perfect presents!

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Countless artists, like photographers Roeselien Raimond and Ivan Kislov, have chosen foxes as their magical muses. The Etsy artists on this list have fallen victim, too.

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#1 Fox Cowl

Fox Cowl

Thevelvetacorn Report

StephanieManers 2 years ago

I would so wear this and LOVE IT!! Where do I go to order

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#12 Fox Mittens

Fox Mittens

novelopt Report

OrCarmon 2 years ago

where can I buy this?

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#13 Fox Purse

Fox Purse

krukrustudio Report

EdithTschiemer 2 years ago

Love it , but doing something else with it !

#14 Fox Leggings

Fox Leggings

supayana Report

LeaOpitz 2 years ago

these need to go with the fox dress!

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#16 Ceramic Fox Bowl

Ceramic Fox Bowl

Barruntando Report

EdithTschiemer 2 years ago

Are you sure that's a fox , maybee a pig . But nice idea !

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