These cute and fun elephant-themed items are great gift ideas for anyone who loves elephants. They're the largest land animals in the world and have close family and social structures, so what's not to love?

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Today, September 22nd, is National Elephant Appreciation Day in the U.S., so be sure to read up on some of the world's foremost elephant conservation organizations. Consider supporting them or spreading the word about their efforts to protect these majestic creatures!

#6 Elephant Planter

Elephant Planter Report

GeorginaBauschGoff 2 years ago

Would like it better if the trunk was up

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#8 Elephant Bookends

Elephant Bookends Report

CheretteMacGregor 2 years ago

These match the tattoo that I have always wanted (to represent my son and I). Too perfect! This matches the tattoo that I have always wanted to get (representing my son and I). Too perfect!

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#10 Elephant Mug

Elephant Mug Report

AlixCampbell 2 years ago

I've got this. Use it to store my favourite pens because it's too gorgeous to drink out of xxx

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#11 Elephant Tea Strainer

Elephant Tea Strainer Report

RonAnkney 2 years ago

Oh My!!! Yes Please?

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#14 Elephant Lamp

Elephant Lamp Report

AllisonColey 2 years ago

I got mine from target in the baby section ( it's white)

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#15 Elephant Cookie Cutter

Elephant Cookie Cutter Report

RosemaryTurpin 2 years ago

All very cute, especially the "tangled" elephant shower curtain!

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