Thanks to the internet, buying stuff has never been simpler. A swerve of the mouse, a couple of clicks and voila, you've bought something. And getting your hands on your latest purchase is even easier. All you do is sit at home and wait for it to arrive on your doorstep. What could possibly go wrong?

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Well, quite a lot actually. Take a look at this hilarious list of delivery fails to see what we mean. Compiled by Bored Panda, the pictures serve to remind us that sometimes it's easier to just collect your parcel yourself. Do you have any delivery fails? Then feel free to share them below and don't forget to vote for the best! (h/t)

#1 As Requested

As Requested Report

over opinionated 1 year ago

Well they listened what's the problem...

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#2 I Hate You, Delivery Guy

I Hate You, Delivery Guy

carpwrist Report

Daria B 1 year ago

But... But... It fits in just PERFECTLY... Cant resist the temptation! ♥

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#3 Look Up

Look Up

notmyrealnombre Report

varwenea 1 year ago

Good for the guy. Kept it from being stolen!

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#5 Trapped


hitstreak Report

Katja Nyberg 9 months ago

Why didn't they open the door for the delivery guy? Or do they not check if people are home and just always leave package outside? Here they always require signature.

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#9 Super Hidden, Thanks FedEx

Super Hidden, Thanks FedEx

steved1987 Report

Heather Lawless 1 year ago

Get bigger pots for your porch. What is that a pot for ants?

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