I make my son's healthy organic meals into characters!

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#1 Chase From Paw Patrol

Chase From Paw Patrol

Spelt pancakes with fruit.


Funstra 1 year ago

Yummy Chase is on the case!

#2 Mike From Monsters Inc

Mike From Monsters Inc

Organic eggs and avocado on toast with capsicum.


Luke S. 1 year ago

Does Mike wazowski wink or blink

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#3 Bob The Minion

Bob The Minion

Cheese sandwich with blueberries, apples, cucumber and dates.


Lorraine 1 year ago

Banananana ... potato bananaaa

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#4 Carl From UP

Carl From UP

Stuffed Christmas roasted poussin.


Arty 1 year ago

how did you made the face?? (by the way, eating crude onion is pretty hard :D)

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#5 Branch From Trolls

Branch From Trolls

Mash potato (dyed using purple cabbage) grass fed beef, spinach and black bean noodles.


Lorraine 1 year ago


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#6 Tigger


Lentils with mash potato and radish.


Funstra 1 year ago

Tiggers... they're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!

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#7 Flash From Zootopia

Flash From Zootopia

Wild salmon with soba noodles (dyed with squid ink) and vegetables.


Meaghan O'Mulrain 1 year ago

How many hours a week do you burn in these meals for your picky, precious snowlflake?

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#8 Carl From Up (Halloween)

Carl From Up (Halloween)

Mash potato, free range chicken and vegetables.


#9 Norman From The Secret Life Of Pets

Norman From The Secret Life Of Pets

Free rage chicken with sweet potato and potato mash.


rai mei 1 year ago

norman! so cute !

#10 Goofy 3D

Goofy 3D

Mash potato with free range chicken, tomatoes, spinach and black sesame seeds.