I make my son's healthy organic meals into characters!

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#1 Chase From Paw Patrol

Chase From Paw Patrol

Spelt pancakes with fruit.


Funstra 5 months ago

Yummy Chase is on the case!

#2 Mike From Monsters Inc

Mike From Monsters Inc

Organic eggs and avocado on toast with capsicum.


Luke S. 10 months ago

Does Mike wazowski wink or blink

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#3 Bob The Minion

Bob The Minion

Cheese sandwich with blueberries, apples, cucumber and dates.


Lorraine 10 months ago

Banananana ... potato bananaaa

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#4 Carl From UP

Carl From UP

Stuffed Christmas roasted poussin.


Arty 10 months ago

how did you made the face?? (by the way, eating crude onion is pretty hard :D)

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#5 Branch From Trolls

Branch From Trolls

Mash potato (dyed using purple cabbage) grass fed beef, spinach and black bean noodles.


Lorraine 10 months ago


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#6 Tigger


Lentils with mash potato and radish.


Funstra 5 months ago

Tiggers... they're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!

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#7 Flash From Zootopia

Flash From Zootopia

Wild salmon with soba noodles (dyed with squid ink) and vegetables.


Meaghan O'Mulrain 10 months ago

How many hours a week do you burn in these meals for your picky, precious snowlflake?

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#8 Carl From Up (Halloween)

Carl From Up (Halloween)

Mash potato, free range chicken and vegetables.


#9 Norman From The Secret Life Of Pets

Norman From The Secret Life Of Pets

Free rage chicken with sweet potato and potato mash.


rai mei 10 months ago

norman! so cute !

#10 Goofy 3D

Goofy 3D

Mash potato with free range chicken, tomatoes, spinach and black sesame seeds.