We are the artist duet POERA OPETRY, two female artists and opera/metal musicians from Latvia – Lolita and Laima.

We write, compose, sing opera/gothic/alternative/metal music, write horror/supernatural/fantasy/psychology/romance poems and stories, photograph clouds, nature, portraits of people, make fantasy/surreal photo manipulations and digital paintings.

Our families were against art, we lived in a very, very small town full of hate, we fought depression, extreme overweight, OCD and many other struggles, but – here we are – presenting our ART – our only life saviour!

We hope you enjoy our art as much as we do!

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The Spirit-tale

Carmine Burgeon

Dark Wings

Another world

Blue rose’s prayer

Cresrora Nightlow

Diva Nightmare

Dive from darkness

King of the winter

Forever Beautiful

Our story’s ”The Eternity’s Matter” OC Marlene

Herbst Traum

Ice Queen

Breathe the night


Into the Marigolds

Winter’s entrance

Painting eyes…

Open the cage of my heart

The First Spirit


Into the Marigold…

Our story’s ”The Eternity’s Matter” OC Aquanetta


Painting lips…


Royal Autumn

Dive into colours

Roots of Temptation

Snow Spirit


Song of the Sun Pillar


Summoning the Thunderstorm

Icy daybreak


The Second Spirit

When a tree dreams

Beauty, that lies beneath

Twisted Essence