Hello, Bored Panda! My name is Caitlin and my husband Christian and I have had a lot of struggles with fertility, including three miscarriages and a failed round of IVF. To our blessing our second round of IVF was successful and for the first time, I have made it into my second trimester with a healthy baby boy.

To announce our pregnancy, my husband and I had a friend who made us a painting. It looks like the cover of a Harry Potter book and is a play of words on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and the phrase “the boy that lived.” Since we have had 3 miscarriages, we thought the phrase “Harry Potter and the Blessed Child, the child that lived” was perfect for our situation.

For our photo shoot, I dressed up as Ginny and my husband as Harry. Our dog Lady, a Pitt mix, dressed as Ron Weasley, and our Bassett hound, Summer, dressed as Hermione.

We have one photograph where we are holding our painting that announces the pregnancy, one picture is us in a dual with my husband winning by using the “impregio” spell, and a picture of me casting a “patronus” to announce the gender.

Kristin Shjarback was the photographer behind this shoot.

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