Gentian Minga, Editor in Chief of Living Albania magazine and the fashion designer, Mirela Nurce, collaborated for a special project. Mirela created a whole collection out of the drawings of the deaf pupils in Tirana. She took these works of art and printed them in fabrics (wool and silk) and accessories (bags, umbrellas etc.).

In December 3rd a show were held, celebrities in Albania wore this collection and hand by hand with the deaf pupils introduced these works of art to a larger public. The image of the project is the supermodel Emina Cunmulaj, who in the past starred for VOGUE, ELLE AND MARIE CLAIR’s covers and she has been a muse of Jean Paul Gaultier.

Living Albania magazine, Nurce Couture, UNDP Albania and the Swiss Embassy in Tirana supported this project, held on December 3rd, the International Day for people with disabilities. The moto of this project was: People with disabilities, but with unlimited talents!

Photo credits: Armand Habazaj, Arbnor Allaraj, Andi Allko, Elton Braja.