Sometimes animals form unlikely friendships, but romance between two different species is really rare. Somebody took a picture of a puppy kissing a koi fish and it quickly started the most lovable animal Photoshop battle ever.

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These two love birds already entered famous romantic movie scenes, were featured on a kiss cam, and even got their wedding photo. Take part in this love story and upload your own images, or vote for your favourites below!


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#1 Nom


zvoidx Report

Superluminal1 1 year ago

No tongues!

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#2 Last Kiss Goodbye

Last Kiss Goodbye

Kikujiroo Report

RJazz909 1 year ago

Fish? Yes, excuse me, fish. How are you floating in air?

#3 The Saddest Love Story :'(

The Saddest Love Story :'(

cyan1618 Report

Hans 1 year ago

This snapshow from the movie looks a bit _fishy_ to me.

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#4 Wow, Mom Was Right. Sushi Is Delicious!

Wow, Mom Was Right. Sushi Is Delicious!

advice_animorph Report

Ronja Rövardotter 1 year ago

"Make a wish," said Mr. Fish. So the puppy wished the dish :))

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#6 Beautifull Wedding

Beautifull Wedding

Nejako Report

Gewel Angeline 1 year ago

What the..😂😂

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#7 Inverted World

Inverted World

Zbloutch Report

Gay Johnson 1 year ago

I wanted you to experience my world before you converted.

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#8 Not Your Average Meal

Not Your Average Meal

shopdude Report

Ronja Rövardotter 1 year ago

OMG I thought it was a dolphin at first sight. But now I see it is a shark! Run puppy, run!

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#9 That Carp Is A Tramp

That Carp Is A Tramp

historyofthebee Report

Arabella Atlee 1 year ago

Should put the actua; puppy on the other end

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