Halloween is just around the corner and many of us have already decorated our homes with pumpkins, spooky ghosts, ghoulish silhouettes and spiders. But if you are the last-minute kind of person, you might still not have any decorations for your Halloween party ready.

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We're here to bring some inspiration for the last-minute DIY'ers, having collected the list of cool and easy to make home decoration ideas which will bring your Halloween party to another level.

If you have a creative DIY Halloween decor idea be sure to submit it here!

#1 Paranormal Photo Display

Paranormal Photo Display

Tracy MB Report

ReneeGilbert 3 years ago

I wonder what the people in the photos would think about being turned into Halloween decorations.

#2 Blood-dripping Candles

Blood-dripping Candles

Sarah Lipoff Report

MianUmair 3 years ago

i recently made a few candles, you may like to check it http://crafty-idyas.blogspot.com/

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#3 Black Cat O'lanterns

Black Cat O'lanterns

sunset.com Report

#4 Flowers With Eyes

Flowers With Eyes

pinterest.com Report

ReneeGilbert 3 years ago

That is brilliant.

#5 Mice Silhouette Stairs

Mice Silhouette Stairs

thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com Report

#6 Balloon Ghost On A Stick

Balloon Ghost On A Stick

Balloon Ghost On A Stick

ohhappyday.com Report

#7 Cut-Out Paper Head In A Jar Decor

Cut-Out Paper Head In A Jar Decor

Cut-Out Paper Head In A Jar Decor

homesthetics.net Report

selchidh 3 years ago

Great idea!

#8 Flying Bats

Flying Bats

danamadeit.com Report

#9 Cheesecloth Standing Ghost

Cheesecloth Standing Ghost

everydayisacraftingday.com Report

Jennifer Scott 3 years ago

Thats awesome

#10 Dracula Pumpkins

Dracula Pumpkins

Martha Stewart Report

#11 Spider Egg Stockings With Glow Stick Filled Water Balloons

Spider Egg Stockings With Glow Stick Filled Water Balloons

brit.co Report

#12 Wooden Ikea Manequins Mummies

Wooden Ikea Manequins Mummies

ohhappyday.com Report

#13 Ghost And Bat Garlands

Ghost And Bat Garlands

evite.com Report

#14 Creepy Bug Flower Centerpiece

Creepy Bug Flower Centerpiece

Martha Stewart Report

#15 Halloweenish Jar Lanterns

Halloweenish Jar Lanterns

celebrations.com Report

#16 Creepy Paper Doll Head Garland

Creepy Paper Doll Head Garland

Robin Romain Report

#17 Easy Raven Wrath

Easy Raven Wrath

Kathleen Report

#18 Monster Doors

Monster Doors

goodtoknow.co.uk Report

SkullGurl 1 year ago

Like it!

#19 Spooky Bat Chandelier

Spooky Bat Chandelier

adiamondinthestuff.com Report

#20 Hanging Cheesecloth Ghosts

Hanging Cheesecloth Ghosts

simplydesigning.net Report

#21 Bat Ceiling Fan

Bat Ceiling Fan

newlaunches.com Report

#22 Hanging Bats

Hanging Bats

hgtv.com Report

#23 Milk Jug Ghost Lanterns

Milk Jug Ghost Lanterns

eighteen25 Report

#24 Mini Bat Cupcake Toppers

Mini Bat Cupcake Toppers

ohhappyday.com Report

#25 Bloody Tablecloth

Bloody Tablecloth

365daysofhalloween.tumblr.com Report