coming out to your parents about your sexuality probably isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially if you’re only 17 years old, and have a strong fear of rejection and homophobia. But for Kinsey Ratzman from New Jersey coming out of the closet about her sexual orientation turned out to be the most awesome experience ever. Why? Because her parents responded to the news by deciding to throw her a surprise “Pride Party!”

They told her that they were going to be having an early 4th July party, and then while she was at the mall with her cousin her sneaky parents got busy with the preparations. They covered the entire house with rainbow-themed decorations and they even made a bunch of rainbow-colored food. Her aunt even baked her a “vegan gay cake” because Kinsey is the only vegan in her family.

It’s been a pretty dark time for the gay community recently due to the devastating Pulse nightclub shootings in Florida, but Kinsey’s family could not have responded to their daughter’s sexuality in a more amazing way. If only everybody had parents like this!

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When 17-year-old Kinsey came out to her parents, she didn’t know how they’d react

They told her they were having an early 4th July party, so they sent Kinsey to the mall, but when she came back she saw this!

Her parents had thrown her a surprise “Pride Party”

Everything in the house was rainbow-themed

Including the food!

Her aunt even made her a colorful “gay vegan cake”

Why can’t all families be this awesome?