Tuna is not an ordinary 3 year-old Chiweeni dog – he’s a real Internet sensation. He has his own website and Instagram account, has been widely written about online, and is followed by hundreds of thousands of people.

What’s Tuna’s secret charm? It’s definitely his unusual appearance – he has an irregular face with a crumpled chin and teeth that stick out due to a strong overbite. Tuna’s priceless facial expressions, captured by owner Courtney Dasher, are the key to his success.

Tuna was found as a puppy on the side of a road near San Diego and then brought to a local farmer’s market, where Courtney fell in love with this poor-looking creature. She said she felt Tuna was special not only physically, but that he had a different personality, too. The strong bond between the two of them and the daily pictures of Tuna online have attracted thousands of fans worldwide – he has over 600,000 fans on Instagram alone.

Source: tunameltsmyheart.com | Facebook | Instagram