The crystals that I grow directly on the sculptures resemble a magical concentrate, frozen in the doorway of reality—a wise yet invisible hand carefully creating a crystal structure, molecule by molecule. I have only partial control over the process. Crystals usually make decisions on their own about how they grow.

The result is always a surprise. Isn’t it magic?

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I have always been passionate about art and magic, and that's why I decided to pursue crystal growing and sculpting. My creative process starts with selecting the materials, which usually consist of Cosclay and metal for sculpting, acrylics and pigments for painting, and solutions for crystal growing. I also like to add special elements to my sculptures, such as glow-in-the-dark pigments, to bring more magic to my creations.

The relationship between my control over the crystal growing process and the element of surprise in the final result is a fascinating one for me. Crystals always grow in a unique way, and it is rarely possible to predict the final result. While this unpredictability can be challenging, it can also bring unexpected beauty to my sculptures. Sometimes crystals grow in unexpected places and can help to reveal the idea behind my artwork by adding additional accents. They often turn out to be more clever artists than I am.


The magic of the crystals I grow is a mysterious thing for me. I leave a sculpture and watch as invisible forces create crystals on its surface. I almost feel the presence of this invisible soul doing magic. I see my work as a collaboration between me and the crystals, as they grow and take on a life of their own.

In the future, I hope to continue evolving my art and exploring new opportunities and challenges in crystal growing and sculpting. I want to tell more about the fantasy world through my art and convey my ideas to my audience in a way that they can sense and experience. I also hope to explore new techniques for growing larger crystals and incorporating new materials that can complement my work and bring new dimensions to my art. With each new creation, I hope to bring more magic, beauty, and wonder into the world.


Artist Grows Crystals On Her Dreamy Sculptures


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I love it! He is on his own slow time...hey, what did the snail say on the back of his friend turtle?...... WEEEEEEEEE! LOL

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